Sponsor a Chair!


The photo below shows one of the chairs purchased for All Saints. It was made in the UK, by Treske of Thirsk, of solid oak with a seagrass panel seat. There are also some armchairs, 3-seater benches and folding chairs all of the same style. They were fully tested and found to be very comfortable!


Tresek chair


Can you sponsor a chair please to help with our fund-raising for this project?


For a minimum donation of £100 for a chair you can have a brass plaque fitted. The wording will need to be simple as the plaque is fairly small.


For example, 'Donated by XXXXXXX' or 'In Memory of XXXXXXXXX'.


Anyone who is interested can sponsor such a plaque whether or not they attend the church and whether or not they live in Winterton. The plaque does not have to be in memory of a deceased relative or friend. It can simply mark the donation made by an individual.

This is a chance for everyone in our community who would like to sponsor a seat to be involved in helping to develop our church. Please spread the word about this scheme.

If we could get a plaque on every new seat we could raise £23,600! It would make a huge difference to the funding we still need.


If you would like to know more, please contact Robin Shawyer, or download the form below which explains what is involved.

In order to sponsor a chair or bench please download this invitation form

Invitation to sponsor a chair