Parish Magazine

Our monthly magazine is titled 'Parish News for Winterton, Appleby, Roxby and Winteringham'. Editorial space is available for each of the four parishes and also the Methodist Minister based at Trinity Methodist Church in Winterton.

There is thus a wide mix of news and events at both the Anglican and Methodist churches.

We are most grateful to all those who give of their time to produce and distribute the magazines each month. And we are especially grateful to our local businesses who choose to support us by taking advertising space.

If you would like to receive a copy please contact

Editor, Distribution & Advertisements

Miss Freda Berisford, 5 West Street, Winterton tel: 01724 732137

Coronavirus 2020/21

We are not able to distribute the printed copies of the our magazine due to current restrictions. So we have put copies online on this page.

There are two versions:


One is to read online with all the A5 pages in order.


 February 2021 A5 magazine

 September 2020 A5 magazine

August 2020 A5 magazine

July 2020 A5 magazine

June 2020 A5 magazine

May 2020 A5 magazine

April 2020 A5 magazine


The other is a print-only version. If you have a printer which offers 'duplex' printing, that is, prints both sides of an A4 sheet, this will print all the A5 pages in order so that you can fold the A4 sheets and end up with a printed copy like the usual magazine. If you can print copies for friends and neighbours who usually get a hard copy and who do not have the internet, please do so. 


February 2021 magazine for printing

September 2020 magazine for printing

 August 2020 magazine for printing

July 2020 magazine for printing

June 2020 magazine for printing

May 2020 magazine for printing

April 2020 magazine for printing


Future magazine editions. While the current restrictions last it will remain difficult to distribute copies. So for the foreseeable future we are looking to prepare an edition just to go online. As church services and community events are cancelled, we want to include stories about life in our villages under the restrictions, what is happening, how people are coping, what issues have arisen and so on. Please let Freda know [tel: 732137 or ] if you are able to write a few paragraphs. She will need them by the middle of the month prior to publication at the latest.