The Easter Sepulchre

Also on the north wall of the Lady Chapel there is the front of a medieval tomb chest, although the recess behind is not in fact a tomb. It bears the arms of Sir Thomas de la Launde of Horbling who together with Sir Robert Wells, led a pro-Lancastrian uprising in Lincolnshire against King Edward IV during the Wars of the Roses, the culmination of which was the popularly named Battle of Losecoat Field just north of Stamford in 1470. After the King's use of artillery the rebels panicked and fled, but the ringleaders were captured and Sir Thomas was executed in Grantham a week later. On the death of his son, also named Thomas, more than 30 years later, a sum of money was bequeathed for the setting up of a chantry in St. Andrew's and for the payment to a priest to say Mass regularly for the soul of his rebel father. Above this tomb chest front there is a carving showing Christ, flanked by two figures, rising from his tomb. This is not thought to have any connection to what has just been described, and it may perhaps have been part of an Easter Sepulchre, originally placed near the main entrance to the church, examples of which are found in some other local churches.

Easter Sepulchre

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