The Font

The Font
The first thing that the visitor will see on entering the church is a fine octagonal medieval font, with carvings showing the Instruments of the Passion. Over the centuries, many hundreds of Horbling children have been baptized at this font, and some outsiders too, among whom was a future Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey, in 1904. His grandfather, The Revd. Plumpton Stravenson Wilson, was priest of Horbling; his name can be found on the list which begins with Joscius of Bilingburg. His family dedicated the East Window to his memory.
One other name on that list is worthy of mention: Symon Bradstreete, rector of this parish 1596-1621. His son, also named Simon, was born in Horbling in 1603, and was no doubt baptized in St. Andrew's font by his father. After education at Cambridge, he married the daughter of the steward of the Earl of Lincoln, who lived at Sempringham. He was, like his new wife, a Puritan, and decided to leave England to settle in the Colony of Massachusetts, which he did in 1630. There he prospered, eventually becoming Governor of the colony in 1679 and President of the Dominion of New England in 1689. His wife, Ann, was the first notable American poet, and the first woman to be published in Colonial America.

Suffer the little children

Window above the font

This splendid window by William Glasby can be seen above the font.

It was donated by Henry Smith in 1932 in memory of his parents.