Memorials on walls, floors and artefacts

There are a number of memorials in the form of wall tablets, floor tombstones and other artefacts in addition to stained glass windows and the war memorials. The red numbers, letters and features on this church plan show the location of the other memorials listed below.

Memorial Plan

Memorial Plan


The wording for each memorial below is copied exactly from the original. For Tablet 7 and the Chancel Screen there is additional information listed from our archives.



Wall Tablet 1 Tower wall in Parish Room

Near this monument lie interred the remains of the Reverend John Gilby LLB, Rector of Barmston in the County of York and one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the East and North Ridings of that County.

By his first wife, Mary, the daughter of Marshall Robinson of Yarm in the County of York Esquire, he left issue surviving him:

The Reverend W. R. Gilby, Vicar of St Mary's, Beverley;

Mary, the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Beresford;

Sarah, the wife of Major Hutton.

By his second wife Eliza, the relict of Richard Hill Esquire of Thornton in the North Riding of the County of York, he had no issue.

A kind master, a zealous and active friend, an affectionate parent and husband, of unexampled probity and integrity. Able, conscientious and diligent in the performance of his duties, as an individual, a magistrate, a Christian and a minister of the gospel, he lived respected and died regretted by all within the influence of his exertions. June 26th 1829 aged 72 years.

Tablets 1, 2  3

Tablets 1, 2 3


Wall Tablet 2 Tower wall in Parish Room

Mary Gilby, wife of the Rev John Gilby LLB, Rector of Barmston in the County of York, and daughter of Marshall Robinson late of Yarm in the said county Esqr; died on the 24th of Octr 1795 aged 39 years. Reader if thou aspir oft after goodness, more than greatness, contemplate with sympathy a token of of sincere gratitude, which an affectionate husband pays to the memory of her: who, from the purity of her religious principles, was, in domestick life, a pattern of unaffected tenderness, and, in social, of unassembled benignity.


Wall Tablet 3 Tower wall in Parish Room

Sacred to the memory of John Green of this parish Gent. and Sarah his wife. The former of whom died Dec 15th 1756 aged 45 years. The latter Sept 2nd 1782 aged 70 years.

Also to the memory of William Gilby of this parish Gent. and Ann his wife, daughter of the aforementioned John and Sarah Green. The former died Nov 29th 1762 aged 40 years. The latter, afterwards the wife of John Lawrence of Roxby Gent., died Jan 10th 1783 aged 44 years.

Tablet 4 Malkinson

Tablet 4 Herbert Malkinson

Wall Tablet 4 South side of Tower Screen

In memory of Herbert Malkinson Vicar of Winterton 1929 - 1944. Grant him, O Lord, eternal rest and let light prepetual shine upon him. Given by his parishioners.



Vase in front of Edwardian Font

In memory of Caroline Rose and Cyril Robinson



Inscribed on east side 'In His Temple doth every man speak of his Honour'.

Inscribed on the west side '1911'.


Tablet 5 Wilson

Tablet 5 Edward Synge Wilson


Wall Tablet 5 North side of Tower Screen

He being dead yet speaketh.

The Treble Bell and this tablet were presented in the Year of our Lord 1899, by many parishioners and friends, to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Edward Synge Wilson, who having served with faithfulness and diligence as Vicar of Winterton for 25 years was called to his rest on the 30th day of September 1898 and was buried at Olney in the County of Buckingham.


Wall Tablet 6 East Wall of North Transept

AD 1917

This crucifix was given by the Sunday School teachers and children in happy memory of the men from this parish fallen in the war. RIP.


Tablet 7 Teanby

Tablet 7 William Teanby


Tablet 7 Free-standing [Headstone removed from churchyard]

Canon Fowler wrote that this headstone was incised in court-hand, by William Teanby himself, on the two sides of a plain square headstone which used to be in the churchyard near the south transept. He long used the stone as his table and his coffin as a cupboard. The words recording his own death were added by his friend William Fowler, the antiquary. Canon Fowler adds "The verses can hardly be original but, if not, I cannot discover whence they have been taken."

(East side)

Prope. Infra the turf lies the sordid / atoms of Alice the Wife of William Teanby Who died in June 1756 in / the 31st year of her age. And of / Alice their Daughter who died young. / also of Thos their Grandson Who died / 23rd of September 1795, in the 18th year of /his Age. /

Death uncontroll'd a summons unto all,

Proclaims an universal funeral.

Spares not the tender babe because ‘tis young,

Youth nor men of years nor weak or strong.

Spares not the wicked, proud, and insolent.

Neither the righteous, just and innocent.

All living wights must pass the dismal gloom

Of mournful Death, to join the silent tomb.

(West side)

Also of Hannah their Daughter who died / the 21st day of November 1799 in the / 41st year of her Age. /

‘Tis to the tim'rous death too harsh appears

The ill we feel is only in our fears

To die is landing on some silent shore

Where billows never beat nor tempest roar

Ere well we feel the friendly stroke ‘tis o'er

The wise by faith the insults of death defy

The fool through blest insensibility

‘Tis what the guilty fear the pious crave

Sought by the wretch and vanquish'd by the brave

It eases lovers sets the captive free

Although a tyrant gives us liberty.

And of Israel their grandson who died the 27th / day of September 1800 in the 22nd year of his age / Also William Teanby husband of the / aforesaid Alice this who died May 80 15th 1810 / in the 94th year of his age



Chancel screen, designed by C. Hodgson Fowler, erected in 1905 in memory of Dr. Thomas Fowler, D.D., a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford. The screen has five panels of fumed oak, with tracery above one cornice beautifully carved on the east side with the inscription "In Memory of Thomas Fowler DD MCMIV". Dr Fowler died in Oxford in 1904 and is buried in Winterton Town Cemetery. The figures on top of the screen were not added until 1939.


Tablet 8 Coopland

Tablet 8 Thomas Coopland


Wall Tablet 8 North Wall of Chancel

In this chancel are deposited the remains of Thomas Coopland, Surgeon, who departed this life April 13th 1826 in his 39th year. A sincere and valuable friend. Highly respected for his amiable disposition and professional talents. His loss is deeply regretted.


Tablet 9 Smith

Tablet 9 Thomas Smith


Wall Tablet 9 North Wall of Chancel

The Rev Thomas Smith M.A. Twenty Seven years Vicar of the parish. Died 17th November 1856 aged 68 years. Erected as a tribute of respect to his memory by the parishioners.



Tablet 10 Harrison

Tablet 10 William, Eliza & Bell Harrison


Wall Tablet 10 North Wall of Chancel

To the memory of the Revd William Harrison M.A. For many years Vicar of this parish who died February 2nd 1827 æt 82. Also of his daughters Eliza Letitia Harrison who died November 19th 1825 æt 21 and Bell Harrison who died July 4th 1821 æt 14. Their remains lie interred before the Altar in this Chancel.


Tablet 11 Gering

Tablet 11 Peter Gering


Wall Tablet 11 South Wall of Chancel

Insignia Peter Gering 1590


Wall Tablet 12 South Wall of South Transept

In memory of Lizzie Lumley died All Saints Day 1973


Tablet 13 Rusling

Tablet 13 Mary Rusling


Wall Tablet 13 South Transept

In loving memory of Mary, eldest daughter of Joseph and Mary Fowler and wife of James Rusling. She was born at Winterton, Nov 23rd 1766, Christened in this church, Nov 28th 1766 and she died near Hackettstown, New Jersey July 25th 1809. This memorial was provided by her grandson General James Fowler Rusling of Trenton, New Jersey in the United States of America.

Ao. Dni. 1906


Wall Tablet 14 South Aisle

In loving memory of John Edward and Emily Cheesman, Frederick and Annie Bean, Richard James and Aileen Simpson.


Tablet 15 Bust

Tablet 15 Martin Hodgetts Bust

Wall Tablet 15 South Aisle

In memory of Martin Hodgetts Bust. Born August 9 1884. Lost at sea December 1907.

The story of Martin's life and death can be read in a family research blog at


Tablet 16 Rhodes

Tablet 16 John Rhodes


Wall Tablet 16 Tower Inside South Wall [headstone removed from churchyard]

Hear ly the body of John Rhodes dy Sep 21 day 172?. Fair well vain world I seen anouf of ye an now I am gone I care not wat they can say of me


Floor A Rudd

Floor A John Rudd


Floor A

AD 1504 Tomb of John Rudd: 'Marchand of the Stapull' [Merchant of the Staple] in Calais who lived in Winterton.


Floor B Scrivener

Floor B Robert Scrivener


Floor B

Here Lieth Interred the Remains of Robt. Scrivener Gent.

Who died March 17th 1814 aged 63 years


Floor C

Richard Goodchild late of Winterton 15 Sep 179- age 70

Hannah wife 10 June 1807 age 87

Eleanor daughter 26 Dec 1811 age 50

Mary daughter 19 Jan 1817 age 60


Floor D Reeder

Floor D Reeder


Floor D

....... Reeder daughter of the Rev Mr George Lauder and wife of Mr William Reeder 24 Sept 1738 age 53.

There Death hath snacht away a vertuous wife from Husband Children and a Mortal Life And as I am so must Thou be Therefore prepare to  follow me


Floor E

Thomas Coopland Ob: April 13th 1820.

Thomas Alfred son of the above Ob: June 10th 1827 aged 3 years.

Francis Paul Coopland Ob: October 16th 1829 aged 11 years.


Floor F

Eliza Leitia Harrison Ob: Nov 10th 1825


Floor G

......... Richardson late of Cornwall 24 March 1774? age 84

Hannah wife March 179(3 or 5?) age 93 or 95


Floor H [immediately inside the South Porch door]

Here lieth the Body of Richard Cox who departed this life October .... 177............ the Daughter of ......


Floor J

Here lieth in hope of a Blessed Resurrection the Body of Abraham Westoby...... who departed this life the 19 of April 1711 ?? in the ?? year of his age. Also ??????? Abraham Westoby ??? Abraham and Mary Westoby died January ??? aged???


Floor K

Here lieth the body of Sarah the wife of John Gilby??......................


Floor L

Here lyeth the Body of Mr Michael Dunkin who departed this life the 5th of March 1711 in the 70th year of his Age. Also the Body of Elizabeth Dunkin his wife who departed this life the 15th of January 1697 aged 22 years. Also the Body of Ann Dunkin his second wife who departed this life the 8th of March 1739 aged 59 years. Also near this place Lyeth his Mother and two Grand Children. Also the Body of Thomas the son of Michael and Ann Dunkin who departed this life May the 9th 1701 aged 7 weeks.


Floor M

In Memory of Ann wife of John Lawrence who died Jan 10th 1783 aged 44 years.

Think not dear Reader this plain stone you read meant to record the virtues of the dead.

Tis for the living us for you designed.

Tis solemn counsel sink into your mind!

Redeem the time you quickly may.

I must ere long take up your lodging in the chill.

And Oh how sad to see the setting sun and night approaching ere your work is done.


Floor N

In Memory of William Gilby Gent. of Winterton. Who departed this life the 29th of November in the year of our Lord 1762. Aged 40 years. Also of Dunkin Green Gilby his son who departed this life on the 21st day of Feb 1780 in the 19th year of his age.


Church Bible

This Bible was presented in memory of Edwin John Tongue who after many years of faithful & diligent service as Physician & Surgeon in this place died 14 Feb 1947. Also of Millicent Annie his wife who died 19 Sept 1960. Date of presentation 12 March 1961.