St. Andrew's Church, Horbling


Horbling is situated on the edge of the fens, just north of Billingborough. The origins of the parish are based on agriculture and it continues to be a farming community.

 St Andrew's dates from the 13th Century - the first vicar of horbling being listed as Joscius de Billingburgh 1222-1240. It is a fine Grade 1 listed building with many interesting features, not least of which are the varying angles seen in the tower and some of the pillars. Much work was undertaken about 100 years ago to restrain these problems, which fortunately seems to have been successful.

There is a magnificent stained glass west window in remembrance of Benjamin Smith (d. 1859) - a much respected local solicitor and clerk to the Black Sluice Drainage Trust who continue to support its maintainance.

There is a peal of six bells which are considered very fine and are in regular use by both local and more distant campanologists.

  A rather special historical event in Church life was the baptism in the early 1900s of Michael Ramsey - later to become Archbishop of Canterbury.