billingborough benefice


  Covid-19 is going to be a part of our lives for a long time to come - but the Benefice is starting to adjust with both worship and social events settling down.

    We would appreciate people using the churches to be careful about their own, and others, health. Voluntary social distancing, some mask wearing and limiting physical contact are going to help limit transmission of, not just COVID-19, but other infections as well.

    We will not have a Vicar in the Benefice for the rest of 2021 and many of us expect to be without until at least 2023. Even then - they are likely to be shared with other Benefices. So - if you need support from a member of the clergy - please do get in touch with our Rural Dean (The Vicar of Sleaford) who will try to find someone to support you. Alternatively - our own Churchwardens and Ministry Team Members will try to help where-ever they can. 


Sunday 12th September: 15th Sunday after Trinity

10.00 Billingborough: Holy Communion
15.00 Horbling: Harvest Festival

Wednesday 15th September: 09.15 Midweek Communion: Billingborough
Thursday 16th September: 10.00 Morning Prayer: Horbling
19.00 A New Emmaus Road: Pointon, Christchurch

Sunday 19th September: 16th Sunday after Trinity

10.00 Aslackby: Holy Communion
18.00 Dowsby: Harvest Festival

Wednesday 22nd September: 09.15 Midweek Communion: Billingborough
Thursday 23rd September: 10.00 Morning Prayer: Horbling

Sunday 26th September: 17th Sunday after Trinity

10.00 Billingborough: Holy Communion
15.00 Sempringham: Harvest Festival

Wednesday 29th September: 09.15 Midweek Communion: Billingborough
Thursday 30th September: 10.00 Morning Prayer: Aslackby

Sunday 3rd October: 18th Sunday after Trinity

To find out about our Harvest Festivals, please click Harvest Festivalharvest


Click here for information on Safeguarding: Keeping Safe Introduction  
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If you are in need of practical help, Linkwell our local neighbourhood scheme will be happy to help. 
Click Linkwell Good Neighbour for more details or ring 07731678242