Baptism (Christening)


Baptismal FontIt is a great pleasure to welcome families into the Churches for Baptism (also called "Christening"). This is the service at which a person joins the Church of God (that is, not specifically the Church in these parishes, or even the Church of England, but the whole world-wide Christian Church).

People can be baptised at any age, from a few moments after birth (usually only in emergencies) right up to old age.

Many people are baptised as babies, in which case their parents bring them to the Church for the service along with three or four godparents. These people together profess the Christian faith and promise to help the child to learn and experience life as a member of the Church. Then the baby is baptised.

Adult Baptism (used with permission)Others are older when they are baptised, in which case godparents are not required and they make their promises for themselves.

Most baptisms in these parish take place in a special baptism service (on a convenient day and time) though from time to time we conduct a baptism during the main Sunday Morning Service.

Baptism is always only a first step - full and active membership of the Church is conferred through Confirmation, a service conducted by the Bishop during which the candidates - who are usually over 12 years of age - "confirm" for themselves the promises made at their baptism.

To arrange a baptism please contact the Parish Office (see our Contacts page).  For further information about any other aspect of our baptism ministry please contact Rev. Peter Liley (again, see our Contacts Page).