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Many of you will know that Winterton Open Gardens was to take place on July 18-19th, 2020. Sadly a decision to cancel the event was made early on in the 'lockdown' when it became clear that planning could not take place and there was no guarantee that it could be safely held under social distancing and other guidelines. Each year it has been held it has created significant interest and it has also contributed much badly needed funding to All Saints' Church in Winterton.


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In its place All Saints arranged a Winterton Virtual Open Gardens Weekend on 18-19th July, 2020. This is an online collection of photos and short videos of gardens in Winterton at  Any Winterton resident was encouraged to submit images/videos. There is a link to the All Saints online fundraising page so that those who view the site online have the opportunity to make donations if they wish. Please spread the word to as many as possible and encourage them to view the site.

The number of visits to date is over 770. That is a terrific outcome and we wish to thank all those who submitted images/videos and those who made online donations.
We have now decided to keep the website live for the next few months. This will allow further visitors to view the gardens. We also want to encourage those who submitted images to add more during the year. We also seek new submissions from those with gardens in Winterton how have not yet sent in any images.
If you would like to add more images to your existing entry or if you are a new subscriber, these are the things you need to know now about the images/videos required:
  1. They must be taken in a garden/allotment/houseplant/window box in Winterton.

  2. They may be taken at any time of the year [and any year].

  3. They may show your favourite view [part of the garden, a close-up of a favourite plant or an aspect of wildlife in the garden] or anything which sparks your interest and gives you joy.

  4. Short videos [ideally no more than 60 seconds] might show a walk in your garden, you carrying out gardening tasks or wildlife in the garden.

  5. Other ideas are possible such as before and after photos showing changes you have made to the garden or time-lapse images showing a blossom opening.

  6. If possible add a short sentence or two to indicate what is special/joyful about each image/video.

  7. If the photos/videos are not your own, you must ensure you have the owners' permission to use them.
  8. You are invited to submit images/videos. Please upload images/photos to . Click login on the top menu bar then select register. This is also the link to send to those who wish to see the show.

  9. All Saints retains editorial control of which images are placed on its websites.
  10. Contact all your family and friends and ask them to view the site now. Explain that they will be encouraged to offer online donations to All Saints at Winterton as the real Open Gardens event had to be cancelled.

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Please donate to help All Saints serve our community!


Credit and Debit Card donations may be made by clicking on the Visa/Mastercard image below. You will be taken to the Winterton All Saints donation page.


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Your donation will help to service our community's needs and to maintain our beautiful building. 


Or you may also donate by scanning this QR code with your smartphone.


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Scan to make an instant donation. Your mobile phone camera should recognise this QR code, if not download a QR reader.The QR code will take you to All Saints' donation page. You can then select a donation amount and pay by Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or debit/credit card.



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