COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Public Worship

These guidelines are for the safety of all who use the church building. All those entering the church are asked to follow the safety guidelines as stated on the yellow notices. These state:

[1]  Please sanitise your hands on entry [gel provided in porch on stand and inside door].

[2] Please enter the date and time, your telephone number and your name on the COVID 19 test and trace consent form provided or scan the NHS track and trace QR code.

[3] Please keep your distance both when seated and when moving around.

[4] Please follow entry/exit route signs inside door.

[5] We ask you to wear a face mask inside the church [unless you have a special exemption]. Disposable masks are available on the table.

[6] We do limit the number of people in the church at any one time. Please do not be offended if you are asked to wait in the porch until called in.

We confirm we have read and complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 in places of worship.

What we have done:

ꞏ We have carried out a COVID­19 risk assessment

ꞏ We have cleaning, hand cleansing and hygiene procedures in place, in line withgovernment guidance

ꞏ We have taken all reasonable steps to help everyone maintain a 2m distancebetween different users of our church

What we expect you to do:

ꞏ Refrain from entering if you are feeling unwell or have experienced any COVID­-19 symptoms in the past seven days

ꞏ Take responsibility for your own safety and that of your household and other people by maintaining social distancing and observing all hygiene measures

ꞏ Ensure children are supervised at all times