Welcome to St. Peter & St. Paul, Tetney.

Church SW

Considerable parts of the present building date from the 11th, 12th. and 13th centuries. There is an inscription on the arches of the nave stating, in Latin, that the work was completed in 1363. However, this only refers to the completion of the arches, as the North and South walls of the nave date back to Norman times and there are even small traces of Saxon stonework.

Many changes were completed in the church in the 15th century, particularly the addition of the grand tower, and by the Victorians who built the current chancel.

In recent years a decision was made to sell the Church Room, which now forms two houses to the South of the church. This became necessary because of a need to concentrate our resources on caring for the beautiful and ancient church, as well as to provide funds for installing modern amenities that are expected by those that attend or visit the church.

We are now in the process of completing this work and the photographs below show our progress to date.


 A screen has been built across the base of the tower.

This has allowed us to install toilets and a storage area in the tower.

       toilet              storage   

 Access has been improved by installing a ramp to the North door entrance and by moving the Victorian font to a new position in front of a central window in the South aisle.


The old (and hard!) Victorian pine pews have been replaced with new free-standing upholstered chairs. Not only are these more comfortable but they can be moved when necessary to use the spacious nave for events.


To make the church even more comfortable the inefficient oil-fired central heating boiler has been replaced with a new gas-fired boiler. The old cast iron heating pipes have been removed, improving the appearance of the interior of the church, and the cast iron radiators have been replaced with a modern, efficient system to give a warm and welcoming building.

  b2    rads2


At the back of the South aisle, we have added a kitchen, enabling us to serve refreshments after Sunday Services and at social events.

 Kitchen 1

 Kitchen 2

We have new interior doors leading to the welcome area at the back of the North aisle will allow visual access to the church even when it cannot be fully open.

 New Doors