St. Andrew's, Sempringham or Sempringham Abbey

Sempringham Abbey

The church of St Andrew's, known as Sempringham Abbey, stands in isolation on undulating ground overlooking fenland to the east.

Sempringham was a thriving village in medieval times, but the parish church is all that remains. 

Approximately 300 yards to the south of the church is the site of the Gilbertine Priory, marked by raised ground in the middle of agricultural land.

Incomplete archaeological excavations in 1938-9 revealed that the original twelfth century Priory church extended to 325 feet in length and 93 feet in width.

  Sempringham is well known as being the birthplace of St. Gilbert, founder of the religious Order of Gilbertines, the only English monastic order. He was the eldest son of a Norman knight and Chaplain to Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln, who ordained him priest.