There’s a service to suit everyone

in our Group of Parishes!


For Christians, getting together to pray, praise God, and have some quality time together, is an important part of their faith.  While it is possible to worship God on your own, the Bible tells us to meet together, and encourage one another.  Here is a short description of our worship services, to help you choose.  We welcome everyone to all our worship:


Communion:                      This is when we share bread and wine. 

  We also hear Bible readings, and teaching, and pray together.  At 09.00 the service is just said, but at 10.30 there is music as well.


All Age Worship/               This worship is informal and relaxed with modern music, usually beginning or 

Café Church/                      ending with refreshments,

                                   and including discussion and 

Prayer & Praise/                activity. It is particularly

     suitable for children and families.

Open the Door                                           



Morning Worship/             These services are also informal, but more reflective.

Evening Worship/             

                                          They make use of music and candles, 

Iona Worship/      and allow time for quiet prayer and 


Taizé Worship



Prayer Book Services        The Book of Common Prayer, was written in 1662, and is still the official prayer book of the Church of England.  Many older people grew up with this way of worship and cherish it.  The language is beautiful, although it can be a little difficult to understand until you get used to it!


Whichever form of worship you choose, you can look

forward to a warm Billingborough Benefice  welcome!