Winterton Church Organ School

This is an exciting new opportunity created by All Saints' Church, Winterton, with the assistance of the Diocese of Lincoln Music Development Officer, in January 2010. The school has been operating since February 2010 and is always pleased to hear from potential new students.

Why learn to play the church organ?

There is no doubt that learning to play the church organ competently is a life skill which will always be in demand! Apart from the joy of being able to play such wonderful large musical instruments, fees for playing at weddings have been a useful financial boost to many students in past years!

If you want to make an enquiry please phone 01724 734285.

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Below are some details about the school.


  • To encourage both young people and adults in North Lincolnshire to learn to play the church organ.

  • To establish a 'school' at All Saints where organ lessons and practice times are provided to equip students with a life-long musical skill.

Organ lessons at All Saints' Church, Winterton

  • Once per fortnight in school/college term-time only: about 18 lessons per year.

  • Lesson for group of up to 4 students

  • Length of each lesson will depend on the number of students in the group.

Target students

  • To enter the school students need ideally Piano Grade 5 ABRSM, though Grade 3 or 4 may also be acceptable. Being a fluent bass-clef reader is really important.

Practice arrangements

  • In addition to lessons each student needs at least 30 minutes practice per day on 4 days each week.

  • All Saints will provide each student with access to the organ at All Saints for practice sessions. However, if the student is not a Winterton resident, it may be more convenient for him/her to make private arrangements to access an organ in their own village church.

  • Times for practice will be fixed with each student and the All Saints key holders who will be on duty.

Lesson costs

  • Each school/college student will pay £4 per lesson [assumes 4 in group - charge may vary if fewer than 4 in group].

  • All Saints will provide a subsidy to cover the full cost of lessons for school/college students.

  • Adult students will be expected to pay a rate which is not subsidised [possibly £10 per 20 minutes].

  • No school/college student will be prevented from entering the school for financial reasons.

Obligation for the student during initial 'taster' stage: each student must

  • Pay the fees in advance to cover the cost of the three lessons.

  • Ensure the copy of the tutorial book [provided by All Saints] is left in the church at the end of each session [or returned to All Saints if practice sessions are arranged privately elsewhere].

  • Attend the three taster lessons at All Saints and attend the 4 sessions of practice each week.

Obligation for the student once commitment is made after taster introduction: each student must

  • Pay the half-term tuition fees in advance.

  • Attend lessons at All Saints unless ill [with advance notification to agreed person at All Saints].

  • Attend practice sessions at All Saints [or other agreed church].

  • Purchase copies of appropriate tuition booklet [about £5 per copy] and printed music [about £30/£50 per year] as required by tutor.

  • Provide themselves with suitable footwear for organ playing [as outlined by the tutor].

  • Pay entry fees for any ABRSM exams taken.

  • And, school/college students who receive subsidised lessons will be required to play the organ at All Saints' Church, Winterton, on an agreed number of occasions during the year [as appropriate for the skill level of each student at either a Sunday service or other public event].

Obligation for All Saints: the church will

  • Allow access to the church organ once per fortnight for lessons [and, in association with the Diocese, endeavour to ensure that a suitable teacher is available].

  • Provide a financial subsidy towards the cost of lessons for each school/college student.

  • Arrange free access to the church organ for agreed practice sessions.

  • Ensure that the organ is kept repaired so that it is available for student sessions.

  • When necessary, provide some heating during sessions in the Chancel, where the organ is located.

  • Arrange adult supervision by All Saints key-holder for each practice session.

  • Ensure that adult supervisors arranged by the church are CRB checked.

  • Arrange appropriate insurance cover for students while they attend sessions at All Saints.

  • Provide a small library of tuition booklets and printed music for organ school students to borrow.

  • Arrange for each student to play the organ on an agreed number of public occasions during the year [as appropriate for the skill level of each student at either a Sunday service or other public event].

  • Not expect any student to accompany singing until they are sufficiently skilled to do so. Most public performances will involve solo organ playing.

  • Ensure that if a student is engaged by the church to play the organ at All Saints for a wedding or funeral service they will be paid the usual organist fee.

For further details and an application form click Organ School Application Form

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