If you wish to book a bapstim/christening in the Billingborough Group of parishes

please contact the Benefice Administrator Maria 

Please note that as we are currently without a vicar, most baptisms take time to book as we are having to find a priest to travel in from outside the area. 

Because of this 

Baptisms need to be booked at least four months in advance and bookings will not proceed until the completed form is received. (Please note that forms can be returned without Godparent details, which can be submitted later). 

Initially requested dates cannot be guaranteed, but an email will be sent once the date is confirmed. 

Please find the baptism form which you need to complete here

Baptism Form - Billingborough Group of Parishes 

(If you would like a Word version, please email Maria)

baptism chi 


  • If you live within any of the parishes of the group i.e. Aslackby, Billingborough Dowbsy, Horbling, Pointon and Sempringham, you are able to have your child baptised in any of the churches. Please check to see which parish you live in. 
  • If you live without the Group it may still be possible, with the agreement of the vicar of the parish in which you live to hold the baptism in the church you wish. 
  • Most baptisms take place on a Sunday afternoons, although there is the opportunity to hold the baptism within the main Sunday Service which is held at 11am. 
  • Although Baptisms can take place around the year, please note that Sempringham is not usually open between Harvest and Easter.  
  • if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.