Christingle and Toy Service, December 2013.

The Christingle service, held in advent, was enjoyed by both children and adults. In Tetney we combine it with a toy service in which children bring good toys they no longer use to be taken for children staying in the local Women`s Refuge at Christmas. Members of our congregation give money to be used by The Children`s Society to help support vulnerable children in desperate need and receive a Christingle in exchange.
The Christingle is an orange, representing the world, with a lit candle fixed on top to symbolise Christ as the light of the world. A red ribbon encircles the orange, symbolising the blood of Christ shed to save the world. Coloured sweets skewered on four cocktail sticks, pushed into the orange, represent the fruits of the earth and the four seasons. The oranges were kindly donated by the Blakemore Foundation via Tetney Spa shop.