For some time now we have been using the idea of "Tri-Life" as a strap line to help people understand what we are really all about. It simply means that the message of the faith down the centuries is about finding life in all its fullness and that we at St James Spilsby invite people to join us in the adventure of finding and forming that reality.


So often the Church seems to be just about survival. Keeping what we have known from the past and trying to keep that going into some kind of acceptable future. Yet the wonderful thing is that God's love is always there to help us to live life to the full. Our Church life needs to be open to the fullness of that love in the "Tri" in the three persons of the wonderful life of God. The Creator, the Redeemer and the Sustainers.


It is often hard to keep in mind the sheer breadth of the love of God. But if we just see God as the Maker of all things, or just as the Son of Man who dies on the Cross or just the power that is behind all life we limit amazing reality of the Triune God. So in our life a part of the Christian Community we need to delight in every aspect of our living that leads to fullness of life.


That is why it is not enough to have a beautifully kept building, or a praying Church or a people that reach out to others in need we need to express the many sides of our human life that brings new life. To have greater breadth so that many more people can find a meaningful home in expression of Church.


"Godsend" was the group that was set the task of using our Parish Church of St James in the most effective way. It was always more than providing new facilities, kitchen & toilets; it was about finding ways to use what we have to help people to fuller lives. That is what God wills for his people and it is what we must be about.


"Tri-Life" is the measure against which we must set every aspect of our life. Please pray that we may be able to make this purpose grow with in us and our community.


Yours in our Lord


Fr Peter