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God of love, turn our hearts to Your ways and give us peace. Amen


Welcome to the Bolingbroke Team Ministry Spilsby, Marden Hill, Stickney & Partney Parishes Web Site


Spilsby Cluster

St James Spilsby, St Mary Hundleby, Holy Trinity Raithby,All Saints Great Steeping, and the three St Andrew's:Halton Holegate, Little Steeping & Firsby

Marden Hill Cluster

Asgarby, East Keal, East Kirkby, Hagnaby, Hagworthingham, Hareby, Mavis Enderby, Miningsby, Lusby, Old Bolingbroke,Toynton All Saints,Toynton St. Peter, West Keal

Partney Cluster

Ashby by Partney, Aswardby, Candlesby, Dalby, Langton w Sutterby, Partney, Sausthorpe, Scremby, Skendleby

Stickney Cluster

Eastville, Midville, New Leake, Stickford, Stickney

 Bolingbroke Deanery Team Parishes

Epiphany 3 2022

SEE St Andrew Halton Holegate's Great New Web Site

The Diocesan Prayer:

Almighty God,
source of our hope and all good things;
you call us in love to share in the work of creation in making all things new.
Bless our diocese:
may we be faithful in our worship; confident in our discipleship;
and joyful in our service;
that, through us,
the world may catch a glimpse of the love
you have for each one of us, made known to us in your son,
through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. 












23rd January 2022

The Third Sunday after Epiphany  

Week of Prayer for Christian Uniy


The Third Sunday of Epiphany


Worship with our online community, wherever you are this week. Our national online service comes from the Chapel at Church House, Westminster. This service has been manually subtitled and has BSL interpretation.


9.00am Sunday Service at Home Watch the service Church online

Join us for our weekly online services, streamed each Sunday at 9am. (...)

10.00am Prayer in our own homes See below


3rd SUNDAY after EPIPHANY 23/01/2022

Services in the Spilsby Cluster      

  9.30am     Spilsby (PC)

11.15am     Lt Steeping Eucharist (JC)

Services in the Marden Hill Cluster

  9.30am     East Keal Morning Worship (FJ)

Services in the Stickney Cluster

11.15am     Stickford Morning Worship (FJ)

Services in the Partney Cluster

11.15am     Langton Holy Communion (TMcL)

11.15am     Sausthorpe Morning Prayer (PMcL)

  3.00pm    Skendleby Evening Prayer (TMcL)

Services in the South Ormsby Cluster

 9.30am      Somersby Holy Communion (TMcL)



18th January to 25th January

"We Saw His Star in the East'

Our local Churches have decided not to meet next week but to postpone our Prayer Times Together until the Days leading up to Pentecost. As this period is also the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with Bank Holidays 2nd & 3rd June we will meet Friday 27th May to Wednesday 1st June.

However, please pray for unity this coming week and material can be found on or ask Fr Peter for a Booklet.


Bolingbroke Churches on line:

We will continue to publish a short video on YouTube and link it to our website.

Our Web Site

I have created a YouTube Account Bolingbroke Team Churches

Monday  Francis de Sales 24 January Bishop of Geneva, Teacher of the Faith, 1622

10.00am HOPE Meeting

Tuesday     Conversion of St Paul - End of WPCU

  2.00pm      Old Bolingbroke PCC



 10.30am     Spilsby Eucharist

 4.00pm       Team Meeting



Friday Thomas Aquinas 28 January Priest, Philosopher, Teacher of the Faith, 1274



4th SUNDAY after EPIPHANY 30/01/2022

Presentation of Christ in the Temple


10.00am St James Spilsby Team Eucharist for Candlemas


Private Prayer in the Following Churches:

St James Spilsby             Daily                           08.00 to 16.00

St Mary Hundleby          Daily                           10.00 to 14.00

St Helen East Keal          Daily                            10.00 to 15.00

St Helen's West Keal     Saturday and Sunday     10.00 to 16.00

St Nicholas Partney        Thursdays                    11.30 to 12.30

St Mary Tetford             Wednesdays                11.30 to 12.30

St Luke Stickney            Daily     &a