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Thinking of getting married at St. Guthlac's? We will make every effort to make sure that your special day is just that, and we hope this little guide will help you to know what is and what isn't possible from the church's perspective.

Deciding to get married in church means that you will make your vows in a Christian setting and before God and his people, whilst the church is a beautiful building and in a lovely setting the important thing surrounding a church service is the ceremony itself. You will meet with the Rector to discuss that properly.

Before that you there are several things you need to know to see if you may be married in St Guthlac's and decide if the church is the right place for you.


  • Me/my fiancé live in the Parish (Market Deeping) but aren't regular church-goers and haven't been baptised (christened), can we still get married in Church? Yes, baptism and church attendance are no longer requirements for getting married in church.
  • Neither of us live in the Parish (Market Deeping) can we still be married there? Yes if you meet one of the qualifying connecting reasons which are:

1. Either of you were baptised in the parish. (This does not apply where the baptism formed part of a combined service of baptism or confirmation);

2. Either of you have had your confirmation entered in a church register book in the parish;

3. Either of you have at any time had your usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months;

4. Either of you have at any time habitually attended public worship in the parish for at least 6months;


  • a Parent of either of you has at any time during that person's lifetime:

1. had his or her usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months;

2. habitually attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months;


  • a parent or grandparent of that person was married in the parish.
  • One or both of us are divorced - may we still be married in Church? The Church of England permits the re-marriage of divorcees under very strict guidelines which the Rector must follow, this process involves a series of meetings where the Rector will have to ask some very personal questions with regards the break up of the previous marriage and family response to the "new" relationship, care of any children and the reasons for wishing to have your wedding in church. It is not something we undertake lightly and therefore is something that takes both time and careful/prayerful consideration on both our behalf and yours.
  • How much does it cost? The fees are reviewed annually, and are updated on January 1st each year. The table below shows the fees that apply for weddings conducted in 2021.
 Winter Wedding (Oct - April) £600
 Summer Wedding  (May - Sept)  £525
 the following options can be added    
 Organ and Choir £225 
 Bells £170 

 There is a non-refundable deposit of £40. This will be deducted from the final invoice.

Banns of Marriage: Banns are a public declaration that you are to be married and are read in church. (IF ONE OF YOU LIVES IN A DIFFERENT PARISH YOU MUST ALSO ARRANGE FOR YOUR BANNS TO BE READ THERE). This must be a Church of England parish church (not Roman Catholic or any other denomination). The fee for this is £31 payable to that parish. You should see the clergy person there, preferably about four months before you get married. Your Banns must also be read at St Guthlac's. If neither of you lives in Market Deeping parish, it is only possible to marry by Banns if you meet one of the qualifying connections above. In exceptional circumstances a licence may be granted to those who live outside the parish to be married here but it must be said that those circumstances rarely arise, and I will be able to advise you on this matter.

Marriage of Foreign Nationals: If either of you is from outside the EU then this can only take place under special licence which must be sworn in the presence of the registrar. EU residents may also have to do this especially if their residence is outside of Great Britain.

Flowers, Music, Confetti and Photography: All arrangements for flowers and music must be agreed with the Rector and her decision is final. When you meet with her she will give the guidance from the Parochial Church Council on both of these matters so that you can see what is possible. Confetti is something we whole-heartedly approve of but we ask for is to be thrown as far away from the church porch as possible. Having your day captured by photography is a must, but we do ask that no photos are taken during the service itself, as it is a religious ceremony and needs to be held in respect as such. Videos are permitted, but there is an extra cost for that (please see fee above) and the Rector will let those taking video know where to stand.

To book or discuss a wedding, get in touch with our Parish Administrator Deborah Leslie on 07745 759677 or by emailing