Dear friends - Happy new year!

There's no doubt the events of the past couple of years with an international pandemic have been very unexpected and difficult indeed. So, as January takes hold, we might be considering what will be happy about this year, how can we make resolutions when we don't know what the year will bring, and perhaps even wondering where God is within all this.

Well, I have always found we have a God who turns up in the most unexpected of places. God is a God of surprises, a God of light in the dark and of hope in despair. We only need to think back to Christmas to be reminded God turned up in the most unlikely of places -a stable, in an unheard of town, to an unknown woman. And there God was - There love was. There was the hope, joy and peace of the world.

So, wherever we might find ourselves this year, we know God will turn up. Whatever unlikely place or unexpected situation, we can rely on God to be there, to carry us through and support us through all the ups and the downs, all the twists and turns. That we know for sure; That is not unexpected. God will turn up and be there for all of us, whatever the year brings.

For myself, I am hopeful the year will bring the safe arrival of a new baby, so this will be my last ‘View from the Rectory' article for several months. You can look forward instead to reading ‘Thoughts from Reverend Annie'. And we both wish you all well in the year ahead.

Take care and God Bless,
Rev'd George.