View From The Rectory August 2021 

Dear friends,

It certainly feels like the summer as I write this. And I don't know about you, but I love this time of year when it's lighter in the evenings and the mornings, the sun feels warm on your face, and so many people are in brighter spirits. In fact I cannot get enough of the summer, so I always try to make the most of it when it is warm; eating meals in the garden, spending any spare time outdoors, and generally getting in the sun as much I can. I realise I am fortunate too, as I have booked a holiday for the beach in the UK this year, which hopefully will be able to take place.

All this is making me wonder if any of you are going away this year. I always enjoy hearing about other people's holidays as you learn so much about them, for instance, do they go away to relax or on an adventure, do they go to a secluded village or a bustling city, do they go alone or with family or friends, do they go to the same familiar place or somewhere different each year, do they go to an all-inclusive hotel or camping in a tent, etc. Sometimes a holiday someone goes on might not even sound that enjoyable to you, but the other person loves it, and vice versa. We all enjoy different experiences and going to different places and that is no bad thing at all. I even know some people who do not like to go away, preferring the comfort of their own homes.

For some of us though, this year might mark another year of not going on a holiday. I wonder, if this is the case for you, if you can find someone other way to take a break. Perhaps you could challenge yourself to do something you enjoy every day for a week, or go on a different walk each day, or phone a different friend daily, or spend more time doing your favourite hobby, or something else completely.

Having a break from our usual routines, in whatever form that works for you, is so good for us if we can manage it. It not only helps relax us, but also refreshes us. It restores us and revitalising us for our daily lives. Even God rested after he created the world: ‘By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.' (Genesis 2.2). Resting regularly was also one of the Ten Commandments, and Jesus often went off on his own to sit and pray. So as well as rest or a break from routine being positive, it is also God given.

So, whatever you are doing this summer, I do hope you do get a bit of a break from the usual cycle of things in your life, even if it is just for a day. And as we do so, let's be mindful of one another and the different places we are at in our lives and feelings. Some might be pleased restrictions seem to be easing, but others might be more wary. We must give each other the space to practice whatever feels right for each person with regards their personal space and other preferences in relation to their own safety as we all continue to come to terms with living with the coronavirus.

With all best wishes and prayers,
Rev George.


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