Other St Guthlac Churches

There are a number of other churches in England which are dedicated to St Guthlac:


The St Guthlac Fellowship

Between 1987 and 2005 these churches were linked in the St Guthlac Fellowship, when members met twice a year:

  • in the spring, on a Saturday afternoon as close as possible to St Guthlac's day (11th April) at one of the member churches in rotation; and
  • in the summer, on the Friday evening after St Bartholomew's day (24th August), at Crowland Abbey to coincide with its annual Festival. 

On 11th April each year there was also a service in the Anglo-Saxon crypt of St Wystan in Repton, (the monastery where Guthlac trained) in Derbyshire.


History of Dedications

Churches dedicated to St Guthlac before the Reformation are:

Astwick, Branston, Fishtoft, Little Ponton, Market Deeping, Passenham, Stathern and Crowland Abbey (also dedicated to St Mary and St Bartholomew in the middle ages).

Churches which were dedicated to St Guthlac in the 20th Century are:

  • Knighton ~ daughter church of St Mary Magdelene as this parish expanded south towards the area known as the Guthlaxton Hundred; dedicated in 1912.
  • Our Lady and St Guthlac ~ Deeping St James, Linconshire, dedicated in 1968.
  • Little Cowarne ~ daughter church of the former Guthlac House in Hereford; dedicated in April 1995.


In the Middle Ages, the early English saints fell out of favour so that several dedications were changed to make way for more popular persons: Former Guthlac churches were:

  • Marholm (now St Mary the Virgin), near Peterborough
  • Swaffham (anciently Guthlac's-stow) Norfolk -demolished prior to 1899)

In Lincoln Cathedral an alter in the South Transept between St Stephen and St John the Evangelist was dedicated to St Guthlac until the fourteenth century.


In addition, the church in Peakirk, near Peterborough, is dedicated to Guthlac's sister Pega, who had a cell in that place.