Baptisms (Christenings) at St Guthlac's

Baptism CartoonEveryone wants the best for their children, they want them to know they are loved and cared for no matter what life throws at them. Baptism is all about receiving God's grace and love, and knowing that they will remain with you always.

Everyone living in Market Deeping is entitled to receive that gift for free and as such we endeavour to make that process as simple as possible.

It is our normal practice to hold the service on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month at 12:00 pm, which is a personal service for your family. We ask you to return for the following 10am All-Age service on the 4th Sunday so that they can be welcomed into the family of the Church.

Anyone wishing to book a Christening should please contact our Parish Administrator Deborah Leslie on 07745 759677 or and she can get the ball rolling for you.

Some Frequently asked Questions.

1.     What is the difference between "Christening" and "Baptism"? They are the same thing, in Baptism we are made Christ's Children, that is "Christened".

2.     How much does it cost? It is free! Because we believe that Baptism is about God's grace for those who come to be baptised we cannot charge for this wonderful gift. If you wish to give a gift to the church to say thank you for the baptism that is most welcome but entirely up to you.

3.     Who can be a Godparent and how many am I allowed to have? Because Godparents have to make promises on behalf of the child who comes to be baptised they must themselves have been baptised in any church that believes in baptism by the Holy Trinity (i.e. Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal...). You can't make a promise on someone's behalf if you haven't either made it yourself or had it made for you. As far as how many - you must have one man and one woman and no more than a total of 5.

4.     My child is 11 or older/ I am an adult - can they/I get baptised? Simple answer- Yes! However, usually for anyone who is over 11, this happens on the understanding that they seriously consider Confirmation (The service when the Bishop comes to lay hands and confirm with the Holy Spirit those who wish to show their faith is real and effective in the life). We normally hold confirmation services every 2 years.

5.     I live outside the Parish (that is outside of Market Deeping) can I still get my child christened at St Guthlac's? You may if you: (a) regularly attend St Guthlac's; (b) used to live here but have moved away; or (c) have a family connection with the church. In the case of answers (b) & (c) you must get permission from the parish priest where you live before the service can be arranged, without that permission we will not allow the service to happen.

6.     I don't come to church, can I still get my child baptised? Yes, of course, baptism is all about God's grace for your child, so we would never stop that grace being given.

7.     Do I have to attend church or undergo any lessons before hand? You don't have to attend church, although you will be made most welcome if you do! Before the service whoever is taking the baptism will arrange to come and see you to take you through the service order and explain what will happen during it. They will also check all the personal details are correct at that time and that is how we "prepare" you for baptism.

8.     Do we receive anything to say our child is "Baptised"? Yes, you will receive a personal card for your child with their details on it, cards for each Godparent and a candle to show that those who have been baptised have received the light of Christ.

To discuss a christening or raise any question, contact our Parish Administrator Deborah Leslie on 07745 759677 or