St Nicholas' Church,
Church Lane
LN13 0BQ 
The Church is set back from the road, beside a bend, in a wonderful setting. Inside you can look out through the east window onto the Lincoln Red cattle grazing on pasture. In Spring the churchyard erupts into bloom with flowers.
The Church is open daily. 
Our patron, St Nicholas, was an early Christian bishop from modern day Turkey.  He suffered for his faith, being imprisoned under the persecution of the Roman emperor Diocletian. He was revered for his generosity, both in disstributing wealth to the poor and providing protection to the vulnerable (including children: St Nicholas is the basis of the figure of Santa Claus). His feast day is celebrated on 6th December, the day of his death in 343.
St Nicholas pray for us! 
St Nicholas Swaby
The church is beautiful in its simplicity, letting in plenty of natural light, with a clear window behind the altar which looks out on the surrounding farmland. A local, church-based flower group ensure that nature flourishes within its walls as well as in the churchyard around.