There has been a strong and lively tradition of musicality at All Saints for many years.

We are proud to have a small but active choir who meet weekly on Thursday evenings for Choir practice and enhance the worship of the Church by their gift at Services. As a very small community, choir sometimes sings in with the congregation informally, and sometimes from the choir stalls, more formally.

Our organist is enthusiastic, though amateur and tries to lead us through a wide diversity of worship music and song from across the ages. Modern or classical is less important than appropriate and lively.

We currently use the 'Lincoln Common Worship Service Setting' by Malcolm Archer, written to mark the retirement of  Bishop 'Bob' Hardy.

For our BCP Evensong we sing all the classic versicles and responses, the Magnificat and the Nunc Dimittis.

A choir is not an individual, but a group - so if you ever fancied to join one (hopefully ours) but are put off by the thought of your voice sounding less than perfect as you learn, please dont be put off - what people hear is the joint sound, not just yours- all will be well!!!