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9th of December 2022


To the Community of St Andrew’s Church, Cranwell Village


Lighting of St Andrew’s Church Cranwell Village – A Christian Response to the Energy Crisis


Over the past week the PCC has received some questions with regard to the change in the way St Andrew’s Church will be lit this year.


Decision and Rationale

We have decided to light the church from the inside of the building. We have done so by using low energy LED lighting in place of large sodium lights to the exterior. Our decision has been taken as a Christian response to the current energy crisis.



Energy change has been widespread across the Church of England. You may be interested to read about the removal of sodium floodlighting and the installation of LED lighting at Lincoln Cathedral which has reduced energy usage on lighting by 80% of previous levels. We may not be at the stage yet, however, moving forward we might aspire to something more fitting for our building.


One of the benefits of this change has been the revelation of our beautiful stained-glass windows, especially those of the Nativity and Annunciation shining into the village. The response from those who have seen them has been positive.


Moving Forward

In 2023, using the Diocesan Policy as its baseline, we will begin a full review of our impact on the environment across the whole of our Ministry and Mission. We enclose the Diocesan guidance for your information. We hope that you will understand our rationale and pray you might support us as we seek to reduce the environmental impact of our Church, especially during these difficult times.


The PCC of St Andrew’s Parish Church, Cranwell Village

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