The benefice used to comprise the parishes of Leasingham and Cranwell held in plurality. However, with the arrival of the Diocese's initiative "New Era" it was necessary to see how the numbers of stipendiary priests deployed across the Deanery of Lafford could be reduced.

In the last quarter of 2008, almost simultaneous vacancies in three cures resulted in he reassignment of Cranwell to the Quarrington Group. Although an essential reaction to the sitution prevaling at the time, the arangement was not popular and there were difficulties arising from the geographical spread of the parishes in the new grouping.

During 2010 a new Mission Area Plan was agreed for the Deanery and this plan restored the traditional link between Cranwell and Leasingham with both parishes assigned to the Ruskington Group. The group was re-named the North Lafford Benefice.

The North Lafford Benefice comprising Ruskington, Evedon, Anwick, Leasingham and Cranwell came into being on an experimental basis on 1 January 2011.  The Reverend Christine Pennock was Licensed as Priest-in-Charge by the Bishop of Grantham at a private ceremony held on Monday 4th April 2011 and she was publicly Installed at Cranwell by the Deanery Lay Chair during the Easter Morning Holy Communion Service on 24th April 2011.

The arrangement has been formalised by Pastoral Measure and the  benefice of the North Lafford Group came into being on 8th February 2013 and the Reverend Christine was awarded the freehold. Chris Pennock served as Rector until her retirement in January 2019.  There was then a long interregnum.

In February 2021 the diocese advised the benefice that the bishop not want to appoint a priest with the freehold because it was highly likely that for financial reasons the parishes comprising the benefice would have to be changed or increased in the future.  The appointment of a priest with the freehold would prevent such changes being made. The parishes therefore agreed to the bishop’s proposal to appoint yet again a priest-in-charge, rather than a rector, so that the composition of the benefice could be changed during the period of his/her appointment. 

This freed the way for the appointment of the Reverend Al Jenkins as Assistant Priest-in-charge on 14th June 2021.