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Once again we have the pleasure of a recital by Colin Walsh
 (Organist Laureate at Lincoln Cathedral)
in St. Peter’s Church.
Thursday 11th May at 7pm
He helped us celebrate the refurbishment of the organ,
(what a night that was)
and so enjoyed playing, that he offered to come back this year.
A “not to be missed occasion”, and it is free


 Welcome   Welcome at Woodhall Spa       Christmas 2016


Sat and Sun 16 and 17 July 2016

1940s weekend in Woodhall Spa
 The Church will have "Englands Green and Pleasant Land" -

Greenery arrangements and at the side of each arrangement will be a poem.

 Thank you for visiting our church, here some of the photos

40s  2016 1 


St Peter's was consecrated in 1893 by Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln and ever since, people have gathered here to worship God and to be encouraged to live a Christian life in the community. It was designed by a famous Victorian architect, Hodgson Fowler, and was built because the old parish church of St Andrew, only seating 190, was too small. St Peter's became the parish church in 1915 and has strong links with the local community, and with the RAF.

The church is open every day from 9.30am to 4pm (Sat to 3pm) and you are very welcome to come and look around, enjoy the quiet, spend some time in the prayer corner, or help yourself to a walk around guide. There are monthly magazines and prayer cards for sale at the back of the church and boards explaining some of our activities.

The church has an interesting history with a selection of fine stained glass, both Victorian and modern, a fine Reredos behind the altar and a rood screen between nave and chancel commemorating soldiers from the first world War. A leaflet about the history and architecture is available at the back of the church.


Easter flowers 2016 

Services: Usual pattern
Service of prayer held at 9.00am, Fridays only  
A quiet service of Holy Communion is said on Tuesdays at 10am
about twice a month, see monthly calendar for dates

 Monthly Worship Cycle St Peters Woodhall Spa - from March 2017

My dear friends, part of my role here is to provide you with worship opportunities which are appropriate and engaging, and suitable for everyone; whatever their age or background.                                                               Trying to cater for everyone’s particular needs in worship is of course, almost impossible.  Some appreciate the opportunity to worship in a formal way, whilst others prefer informality.   Some prefer familiar words, whilst others like more variety. Some like to take communion every week, whilst others prefer different types of worship.  To take account of the need for diversity, I have devised a new monthly pattern of worship.


After consulting members of the church I have moved the All Age Worship (Non Eucharistic) to a Sunday where there is an 8.00 H/C which means that I am providing H/C in Woodhall each Sunday.


I hope that you will find the monthly variety of worship styles helpful, and I hope that it will help us all to appreciate the various needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


1st Sunday

8.00am H/C

10.45 am Formal sung Eucharist with robed choir etc

3.00pm Messy Church

6.00pm United worship in the Methodist church


2nd Sunday

10.45am Eucharist. Less formal in style, perhaps using the platform rather than the High Altar that some find less intimate (choir to teach hymns before worship, so no procession)


3rd Sunday

8.00am H/C

10.45 All Age Worship with children taking part.

6.00pm United Informal worship at St Peters


4th Sunday

10.45 am Formal Sung Eucharist Robed Choir etc

Every Blessing



On the fifth Sunday there is a United Group Communion service held
at one of the Group churches.

For details of these, residential home communions and
special seasonal services go to the
Monthly Diary page

Children are most welcome here and there is a children's corner for younger ones.
We also started Messy Church in 2013 and these meet each month on the 1st  Sunday 3-5pm in St Peters Church Hall, Woodhall Spa, see notice board for these dates & Messy Church web page. - for all families for all ages

Little Fishes meet on Tuesdays in the hall for pre school children, see Little Fishes page in Young Peoples for dates
 For details of all provision for children and youth see Young Peoples page

There is an excellent organ and organist, a small robed choir affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music and a small group of musicians who play for  services. The choir meets every Thursday evening at 6.45-8pm and offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary hymns, anthems and worship songs.

Groups: There are several small groups for prayer and bible study - for details see Study Groups page.
There is also a thriving and active Mothers Union group.


Clergy:  Rector - Revd. Richard Major  Email: revrichardmajor@gmail.com  Tel 01526 352114

Group Administrator:  Mrs Louise Mills - Tel: 07842 202 525 
        email:                                                                                                                  (see below for Woodhall Spa St Peters Hall bookings, do not contact administrator)

Church wardens:  New names to be added shortly

     Many thanks to Gilvray Williams, she has now retired from this job in April 2016,          G      and                             

     Simon Jephson has now retired from this job in April 2016, many thanks to him too

Liz   Liz The Verger at St Peters         



                                                                     Alan The Organist


Looking for a venue?     Hall for hire - some days/evenings available
                                                  St Peter's Hall, The Broadway, Woodhall Spa                                                    

  Please contact Mr Trevor Clifford on
0754 365 7445 or email


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