Contacts for the Group:    




Rector for the Group  
  in Vacancy from 30 March 2014


                 All enquiries to the Parish Administrator. 

                                     The Group is in a "vacancy" until April 2015

Also please talk to Churchwardens at each church 

 We are pleased to announce that Rev Richard Major  will be the new   
Rector of the Benefice of the Woodhall Spa Group and will join us in April  

Parish Administrator:                                            
   (see below for Woodhall Spa St Peters Hall bookings, do not contact Administrator)

Mrs Jo Evison - Tel: 07842 202 525 

Your calls by phone and email will be checked regularly, 
so please leave Jo a message.  She will get back to you promptly.
  Jo is available on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays.

 jo 1  oct 14   Parish Administrator  Oct 2014



The Parish Administrator enjoying time with SPAM - May 09

See each village page for churchwardens and information

Welcome to all who read this site, we hope you
 find it of interest and help.


Harvest Flowers by Jo  Sept 2014 



St Peters Church Hall, Woodhall Spa 

Please contact Mr Trevor Clifford on

0754 365 7445 or email 


Churchwardens contacts are on each page of each church