Church Bells

In 1553 All Saints had four great bells and a sanctus bell according to the records. By 1734 there were six bells but these were melted down in order to recast five new bells that year. It is likely that Daniel Hedderly, an itinerant bell founder from Bawtry [and later of Lincoln], cast the new bells in Winterton. It was common practice at that time to cast new bells on site as the carriage of heavy goods over any distance was so difficult due to the poor roads.



Our bells ringing in 2009

There is now a ring of six bells which are hung in the uppermost stage of the tower immediately below the louvre openings. A new sixth bell was added in 1899.


All Saints Bells 1


 Inside the Bell Chamber

Details of our six bells







   2' 4"

 John Taylor & Co., Loughborough


   5 - 0 - 13


   2' 5"

 Daniel Hedderly


   5 - 1 - 4


   2'  6 3/8"

 Daniel Hedderly


   5 - 3 - 24


   2'  8 3/8"

 Daniel Hedderly


   6 - 2 - 12


   2'  11½"

 Daniel Hedderly


   8 - 0 - 24


   3'  2¼"

 Daniel Hedderly


   9 - 1 - 23

The diameter measurements are in feet [' ] and inches ['']

 The weights are in Imperial units of Hundredweights, Quarters and Pounds

The tenor bell is tuned to G#.

All Saints Bells 2

 Another view inside the Bell Chamber

The inscriptions on the 1734 bells state:


[Inscription chipped off]


"Ex Dono Thomas Place Gen."


As a gift Thomas Place, Gentleman


"Daniel Hedderly made us all in 1734"


"Richard Studley Vic. Roger Sawyer, William Martin C.W. 1734"


Richard Studley Vicar, Roger Sawyer, William Martin, Churchwardens, 1734


"Gloria Deo in Excelsis George Stovin Esq. 1734"


Glory to God in the Highest George Stovin Esquire 1734

A Treble Bell and tablet were presented to the church in 1899 with the inscription:

"In Memory of Edward Synge Wilson, Vicar 1873-1898. Charles Henry Gibbons, Vicar; Edward Chapman, Richard Hall, Churchwardens 1899"

All Saints Bells 3

A further view inside the Bell Chamber

The bell frame was upgraded in 1948 by John Taylor Bellfounders of Loughborough and is of composite construction comprising cast iron framesides mounted upon, and bolted to, a steel girder foundation. The bell frame is designed for eight bells.

Bells on path outside church

 1948: Our six bells on the path outside All Saints

Our bell ringers

To find out about ringing the bells see the page about our bellringing team at Bell Ringers

All Saints Bells 4

 Photos on this page inside the Bell Chamber taken by Steve Stubbins

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