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After years of planning, the work to the church has now started. This page will keep you up to date with progress

Current latest news:

August 2017: Our new architect has re-examined the plans in detail to try to find cost savings. A fresh round of tender applications for the construction work took place in late spring in order to test commercial prices yet again. This has led to a new approach to the Heritage Lottery Fund for an extended grant. There will be an on-site meeting with them to discuss this application in September.

December 2016: Disappointing news that our GPOW grant application made in August [see below] was not successful. The PCC now has to find a new way forward to secure the funding needed. Watch this space!

October 2016: Historic England [formerly English Heritage] has placed All Saints' Church on the national Heritage At Risk Register as their inspections have revealed '..poor condition of the tower and chancel stonework, the poor structural condition of the south transept window, poor below ground drainage arrangements and general stonework repointing needs'. The church council already knew these details and has been working to raise money to carry out these repairs. This news may help the PCC by alerting those authorities who make grant decisions that our church has a national priority to acquire funding to address these repairs so that our 'irreplaceable' church is made 'safe and sustainable for future generations'.

August 2016: A GPOW [Grants for Places of Worship] application was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund  to repair the tower walls, South Transept gable window tracery and the perimeter drainage channel. We will know if this is successful in December but will then have to apply for Stage 2 in February 2017. We are also applying for further grants to allow us to complete the toilet/kitchen extension and finsih the work inside the church. It is now clear that  no new work can start before July 2017 at the earliest. If this happens the work might still be completed by the end of 2017.

July 2016: The PCC appointed Armine Sutton of Ormerod Design Ltd as our new project architect. She managed to ensure our updated faculty application to the Diocese was made by the July deadline and we are optimistic that the Diocesan DAC will agree with the modified scheme.

June 2016: Our architect, Brian Foxley, who has worked so hard for our project and has designed a superb kitchen/toilet extension, died suddenly in early June. The PCC expressed condolences to his family but had to set about appointing a new architect to keep the remaining work on schedule.

May 2016: During the works new repair issues were discovered not previously identified with stones falling off the external tower walls and rotten stone tracery in the South Transept gable window. In addition the new extension for toilets and a kitchen was not completed owing to funding issues. Lengthy discussions have taken place to try to resolve the funding issues and it is hoped that the remaining works will be started in late 2016 or early 2017.

September 2015: The main construction work was completed on 18th September and the church returned to normal use. There are still a number of small works to finish. And the extension for the new toilets and kitchen is yet to be built. But the church was open for the national Heritage Open Days on 12/13 September for some 180 visitors.

June 2015: May 22nd did not prove possible for completion due to the delays. But we had an amazing Open Day on May 25th when over 978 visitors came to see the church in just over 4 hours. Now the paving is completed and much work has been done for the new Mezzanine floor in the tower. The new furniture and the restored pipe organ are almost all fitted and the new chairs delivered. Some heating, electrical and IT network remains to be finished. Sunday services will start again in the church from 12th July onwards. For details see Calendar - default view

April 2015: The planned completion date in late April has been put back to May 22nd. There have been delays in the delivery of paving stone and other sub-contracts. However, we will still be ready to open the doors to the public on May 25th and there wil be a safe entry across the churchyard to the South Porch. Apart from completing the floor and the tower, there is fitting the new furniture, the chairs have to be delivered, the pipe organ fitted back in, the medieval stone fragments re-fixed, the old furniture brought back from store ....... the list seems endless.There is a lot to do before May 25th!

March 2015: Construction of the plant room has started outside the NW corner of the church. A new mezzanine floor will soon be fitted inside the tower. The tower screen has been moved to its new location as part of the partition for the Heritage Room.

January 2015: The main frame for the pipe organ has been reinstalled in the Vestry/Organ Chamber so that the new organ chamber partition can be erected. This will allow more space for the Vestry which means that some organ components will have to be repositioned to take up less space. New electricity wiring has been installed throughout with a new IT cable network. A start has been made laying the huge network of heating pipes across the surface of the limecrete floor. These pipes will be covered with screed and, eventually, the new stone paving will be laid on top.

December 2014: Churchside has seen many delivery lorries in recent weeks blocking the road. Huge amounts of glass insulation and limecrete have been brought onsite and are being laid to form the base of the new floor in the nave, aisles and transepts. This should dry out over Christmas so that it is fit for work to continue in January. 

November 2014: The floor of the nave, aisles, transepts and tower has been dug by the archaeology team. The foundations of a large building, almost as big as the present church were found. It is unclear whether this is Saxon or later but it is clear that it is earlier than the medieval walls of the current church. The loose bones found and the one skeleton unearthed under the tower floor were all re-buried by our Vicar. Work continues on the ducting for the underfloor heating system and electric cables. New wooden floors are being installed in the Parish Room and old Choir Vestry [will be the new Heritage Room]. A photo record of all these stages is being made so that a full picture of the project can be seen later.

October 2014: The Phase 1 works [roof and fabric repairs; new rainwater goods] were completed and Phase 2 [internal works to reorder the space with new floor, heating, lighting, sound, heritage room, seating, redecoration] started. 

September 2014: All Saints selected as one of four projects by Lloyds Bank Community Fund. Voting by the public between September 2 and October 10 will determine how the four prizes are allocated.

Lloyds Bank Community Fund


August 2014: See copy of Project Information Board prepared for the construction site

Project Information Board

August 2014: View an Estuary TV news bulletin [Thursday 21st August] on You Tube which includes an update on the project and interviews with Harry and Max. Go to The item is in the middle of the3 bulletin between 5mins 53 secs and 8mins 57 secs.


 Winterton's Budding Bakers

Winterton's Budding Bakers help All Saints

August 2014: Mary Berry would be proud of Winterton's budding bakers, Max [9] and Harry [7] Moody. They arranged a stall at their home in Northlands Road on August 3rd to sell cakes they had cooked themselves along with loom bands which they had weaved. Their mother, Terri, confirmed that it was all their own idea. She explained: 'Keeping a commitment to play football meant they had missed a coffee morning held in aid of the church at their grandparents'. So these two enterprising brothers thought they should make their own effort to help by raising money for the repair and development project taking place at All Saints' Church in Winterton. Their stall made a total of £36 which they handed over to the church. The photo shows Jean Key, churchwarden, thanking the two brothers for their superb effort. 'They have set a fantastic example to other young people' she said. Behind them the church is swathed in scaffolding and sheeting ready for the new roof repairs and rainwater goods.

July 2014: Aura Conservation Ltd have been appointed as main contractor for Phase 1 of the capital works. They will arrive on-site on Tuesday 29th July for 8 weeks, completing roof & fabric repairs, fitting new rainwater goods & lifting the Nave floor to allow internal archaeology to commence. Conservators will remove the South Transept gable window for extensive repair and repaint the Tower Clock face. Phase 2 works are to be refined so that a start can be made soon.

July 2014: Faculty No 3 for the extension & internal reordering received. New tenders received for Phase 1 [roof & fabric repairs with new rainwater goods]. Work should start in late July. Start made on-site with conservation of stone memorial tablets and stone fragments.

June 2014: Main contractor tenders re-issued to new companies. Project split into phases to meet grant deadlines as final faculty still awaited. Significant fund raising still continues for certain aspects of the project. Parish bier and west gallery instruments removed for conservation.

May 2014: Planning permission for the new extension granted

May 2014: Main contractor tenders received. Negotiations on the price underway.

April 2014: The C19 pipe organ, oil painting and old reredos panels all removed for restoration.

April 2014: The church emptied of remaining furniture to go into temporary storage.

April 2014: Final Auction of pews and commercial sale of remainder.

March 2014: Faculty No 1 [conservation works to archives and artefacts] and Faculty No 2 [roof repairs] granted. ®
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