PCC Membership

PCC Membership April 2015

Nine Elected Members:

Term of office three years:

Elected until 2016:  Margaret Holtby, Derick Liversidge, John Northall

Elected until 2017:  Ida Liversidge, Frank Jervis, Mabel Jervis

Elected until 2018:  Robin Shawye, Chris Cooke, Louise Pringle

Ex officio Members:

The Vicar: Revd. Alice Nunn

Churchwardens: Mrs. Jean Key & Dr. Russell Walshaw

Licensed Clergy: Revd Jane Whitehead, Revd Bill Pegg, Revd Pat Cooke

Licensed Reader: Ms Elaine Southern

Deanery Synod Members [Elected in 2014 for three years]: Dr Russell Walshaw & John Northall