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Winterton Bellringers on You Tube!

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Bell ringing has been a feature of church life in Winterton for more than 300 years. Five of the six bells currently in use at Winterton were recast in 1734 from six older bells. For more information about the our bells see Church Bells

Bellringing Practice

Our Ringers meet in the Tower each Thursday from 7.30 to 9pm for a practice. On the last Thursday in each month they join the ringers at Burton for a joint area practice. The only exceptions to this pattern are Holy Week and other special events.

Bellringers October 2009

 Bellringers at All Saints, October 2009

Who can join?

Most people are capable of learning to ring the bells as long as they are fit. Young people from age 10 are welcome [as long they have reasonable stature/height]. You need to be ready to learn over several weeks and then commit to practice nights and be ready to ring on Sundays or at other times when needed [for example, at weddings]. We need new recruits all the time in order to grow our team and ensure that there will be ringers for our bells in the future!


Bellringers at All Saints


 Bellringers in October 1995

Want to know more?

You can always ask to come along and just have a look on practice nights to see what happens before you make up your mind. Just ring our Tower Captain [Frank Jervis - 01724 732056] to let him know in advance.

Tower Captain Frank Jervis

 Tower Captain, Frank Jervis, 2009

What is involved?

A bell ringer controls the bell by a rope which winds round the wheel on which the bell is fixed. So the bell can be held still or be made to ring.

Animation copied with permission from website at

Change ringing is when a team rings a set of bells in a continuously changing pattern. This is a team activity which requires concentration and good coordination. It makes a glorious sound too!  

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All Saints bell ringing practice: 2009

You can see a second animation which shows how our six bells can be rung in sequence so that each bell is heard in turn at


Bellringers in action


 Bellringing in 1995

Why learn to ring?

You will have a lot of fun!

You will learn a traditional skill

You will keep fit mentally and physically

You will be of service to our church and our community

Your services will always be in demand!

Ringing practice: Hilda Culley

 2009: Bellringer Hilda Culley in action!

Winterton Bellringers on You Tube!

Click this link to hear our church bells rung on a practice session and see our Tower Captain in action. Video taken by one of our bellringers.

Bellringing Chamber

Bellringers in 1995

 Photos from 1995 on this page taken by Steve Stubbins

Want to listen to other church bells?

Each week BBC Radio 4 broadcasts the bells at a different church. Click Bells on Sunday

Find out more about church bell ringing

Visit the websites of

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

The Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

and to hear many different church bell recordings visit

Library of Bell Recordings

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