Welcome to St. Mary's Whaplode

 12c Norman Fenland Church

St Mary's Whaplode - Morning Sunshine - Main GateView of St. Mary's from the gate

Welcome to St. Mary's Whaplode - 12c Norman Church

Contact details: Roy Willingham 01406 371900 or 07904110991  Email: rs.aw42@btinternet.com  Clare Christie 07949 244817 Email: clare_2711@hotmail.com

Sunday Club - This fun group welcomes all children to join in craft and art activities during the morning service each Sunday from 10.30am (except 5th Sunday of the month when we have a united service which may be at another church).  For further details please contact Mariola 07547 428448 or Angela 07720 810532.

Choir Practice - The Choir are presently managing with 2/3 people each week and could do with an injection of new blood - so if you enjoy singing and would like to join in you would be more than welcome. Please contact Clare Christie for more detail.

St Mary's Guild - A group that meets throughout the year on the first Tuesday of each month with the exception of January.  They meet in the Heraldic Suite in the north west end of the church, starting at 2.00pm.

The Guild has been going since 1998 and succeeded the Mother's Union which ceased functioning.  They are always open to all new comers as well as visitors and there is no restriction on gender (men are always made very welcome).  There is an annual subscription and more information can be obtained from June Crawford 01406 426225.

Whaplode Book Club - This group meets the first Wednesday of every month at 4.00pm in the Heraldic Suite where they discuss the varying opinions of the previous month's chosen read.  All the members get an opportunity to select a book of their choice from an extensive list of books provided by Lincolnshire County Libraries.  There is always a sense of fun and good humour amongst the members who all contribute £1.00 per month to cover the costs for refreshments.  For further details contact Georgina Hearn on 01046 371848.

Parish Lay Ministers - If you believe you have a calling to undertake this aspect of Church life, there are training programmes to help guide you towards being part of a growing mission within the Church of England.  Once you have been trained and authorised (this is usually following the Foundation Course and some other qualifying courses covering worship, child protection and others) you may be asked to be a sick visitor, help construct and conduct those services that don't require a priest or other ordained clergy.  The Foundation Course is usually conducted over a 17 week period, whilst the other courses may take just a few weeks.

Confirmation Classes - You are never too old for this!  Many of our most recent candidates have been what some might term as being in their 'middle years', whilst others have been at the very earliest years (usually the age of ten to twelve is recommended as a starting point for this part of ones development in the Church).  Classes are usually run locally and take approximately eight weeks to complete, more definite dates are provided by the officiant when the candidate makes known their intention to undertake this step in their development of their faith.

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