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The Church now has a new and updated Welcoming Notice Board at the main gate.  The design incorporates the insignia of Canterbury, Lincoln Diocese both old and new versions and the Whaplode Crest.  The latest up to date security systems have now been incorporated into the church, which means that all those sensitive areas are alarmed, especially the roof area.  The system is so sensative that the minute movement is detected on the roof area, the alarm is sounded and the control centre are alerted with an immediate call to the police to investigate.  It is so accurate, that any chance metal thieves are likely to remove the roof material, they will be caught before they can get back down to the ground.  Another recent change is the introduction of removable barriers in front of the main gates, thus replacing the lock and chain that was used previously. The barriers are designed to prevent vehicle access into the churchyard, unless disabled people are visiting and the barriers are removed.


For a more advanced view of our events, please see our online calendar. We also provide a printable version (.pdf) containing events for the month and other useful information.

Upcoming Events

Sunday 19th November
Holy Communion 10:30am-11:30am
Sunday 26th November
Holy Communion 10:30am-11:30am

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