Welcome to St. Mary's Whaplode

 12c Norman Fenland Church

 Mary's Whaplode - Morning Sunshine - Main GateView of St. Mary's from the gate

Welcome to St. Mary's Whaplode - 12c Norman Church

St. Mary's Church Whaplode


Contact details: Churchwarden Mariola Pisarkiewicz 07547 428448

email: stmaryschurchwhaplode@gmail.com

 Welcome to the Parish of St. Mary’s in Whaplode as a part of the Elloe Stone Parishes. We are a growing church in mission and discipleship, we endeavour to share our life with our community and church school.

Sunday School Group meets every Sunday during the 10.30 am Services, all ages welcome to come and join the activities and crafts.

 Our Choir meets to practice every FRIDAY at 6.30 pm in the Church. We are looking for more members, please feel free to come and join us and have fun.

Parish Lay Ministers - If you believe you have a calling to undertake this aspect of Church life, there are training programmes to help guide you towards being part of a growing mission within the Church of England.  Once you have been trained and authorised (this is usually following the Foundation Course and some other qualifying courses covering worship, child protection and others) you may be asked to be a sick visitor, help construct and conduct those services that don't require a priest or other ordained clergy.  For more information please contact us.

Confirmation Classes - You are never too old for this!  Many of our most recent candidates have been what some might term as being in their 'middle years', whilst others have been at the very earliest years (usually the age of ten to twelve is recommended as a starting point for this part of ones development in the Church).  Classes are usually run locally and take approximately eight weeks to complete, more definite dates are provided by the officiant when the candidate makes known their intention to undertake this step in their development of their faith.

Our recent St. Mary’s Church Survey completed in June 2017 brought to light some new ideas and a spiritual need of Bible Study Group which we will join together to study God’s word, pray together and support each other and reach out with the love of Jesus to those around us. If you interested in joining our Bible Study Group please email us.

 Another request was also to share the history of the Whaplode, and we hope that the History Group will developing the coming months. If you wish to participate please email us.

 The best way to belong is to be involved with St. Mary’s Church and the Community and join with others in regular worship please feel free to join in Sunday Services.

 If you would like to become on the Electoral Roll and PCC please contact Rosie Barlow on 01406370927 or email rosie.dring@farmline.com 

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