I have become aware over the past Few weeks that many people in the Group may not know about a fund that we have available to further mission within the benefice. The money was initially a gift of £5000 to the Group In 2012 from someone outside the Group who admired the work that was being done and wanted to help us. The MDF (Mission Development Fund) was established in 2013 with the gift and increased by £1250 of gift aid. Several parishes also gave donations so in Jan 2014 the balance of the fund was £6740

The purpose of the fund, as described in the constitution, is “To provide funding for projects which, at the discretion of the Committee, will promote the mission and work of the Church of England within the parishes which constitute the Walesby Group”.

It is administered by a committee comprising one representative from each parish and is Chaired by the Rector (or other nominated person in interregnum). There has to be a majority decision to support a proposal. Applications to draw on the fund are made to the committee through the Chair.

To date the main projects that have been helped with monies from the MDF are:
• Contribution of £1240 towards Elaine’s MA in pastoral ministry (total cost £5500)
• £700 to fund the training of 16 pastoral visitors in Jan 2014
• Funding to assist the running of the annual Lent and Advent lunches circa £80 / annum
• Monies towards setting up and running the Companions of the Wolds group for those who are
bereaved up to £100/annum
• Assistance to relaunch Brookenby Thrift shop £360
• Prayer cards for the churches of the Group £50
• 2 reusable Banners for Brookenby Crib service £75
Costs of running Advent course in 2017 and Lent course in 2018 up to £150
The total draw down to end June 2018 was £2670 and the account balance currently stands at £3870

We are extremely fortunate to have this fund to draw on in the Group and it will continue to be of great benefit to us under our new Rector, Chris Hewitt.
It is for that reason that he has suggested that the collection taken at his Induction Service is put into the MDF fund to boost it for future mission work. This has been agreed by the Interregnum committee and I trust that everyone will feel that this is a good use of the ncome.
If anyone has any queries or wishes to put forward a project for consideration please either contact myself or (after mid-August) Revd Chris Hewitt and we will explain the process to you.
Leslie Giller (acting Chair of MDF)