Lent lunch 1st March -We have much to be thankful for.


This was held in The Rectory Swallow.  Even before we began we had 4 apologies and several donations to our Lent charity ‘Mission Without Borders'.  Ann Williams our churchwarden at Kirmond Le Mire not only taxied 3 guests but produced some wonderful cooked fruit desserts. 

We chose MWB as it is a Christian organisation that supports ‘All Ages' and is dedicated to serving the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those suffering the effects of poverty or persecution in Eastern Europe.  Founded in 1960 they reach people for Christ by showing His love to all - regardless of their colour or creed.  Once 14 of us were assembled, we watch a short DVD about the work of the mission.  There was cosy fellowship as we sat 14 guests down for the simple ‘no frills' lunch of soup and roll, followed by fresh or cooked fruit desserts.  We  shared stories and humour and counted our blessings that we have our needs met and discussed how the donations given ‘in lieu' of the cost of buying a lunch (our lunch food was all donated) could be used to buy gifts to sustain life in others.  Ann explained how shepherds care for any struggling new born lambs - how she has helped keep life in them when they need to be kept warm. If you want to know how then why not ask her next time you see her or John.  We enjoyed some light hearted but brain teasing quizzes based on sweets and chocolate as well as listening to a poem to reflect on ‘How well I am'.

It was a great opportunity to meet the church family from our different churches including, Stainton-le-Vale, Tealby, Normanby-le-Wold and Thoresway.  All too soon it was 3pm and time for tea with shortbread then by 4pm everyone was gone.  Now we are thinking of when to have our next lunch and get together again.  We will let you know as soon as we do!

We are delighted with the sum of £115.00 in donations and thank you on behalf of ‘Mission Without Borders' for your generous support.  We have purchased the following.

1 pig £60.00

It's more than just a pig! Giving a pig means giving families and orphanages the opportunity to develop skills in animal husbandry; to gain an income by selling the piglets; to have essential food. 

Ten chickens £40.00

For families with little land to grow food or rear livestock, chickens are the best solution. They provide protein, especially for children, they don't need space, and just one hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year!

Seeds of Hope £15.00

This buys a starter-pack seed for families to plant their own vegetables, planting hope for a self-sufficient future.  Many families they help cannot afford much fresh food.  But they can learn to grow their own tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and onions, as you sow seeds of hope.

We pray that many will be blessed by your generosity.

Linda   Mackay (Parish Nurse) and Ann Williams (churchwarden)