Bells in the Walesby group churches should be ringing out more often now as a result of considerable new local interest in the art of change ringing.

There are three church towers in the group at which change ringing is a viable proposition:

TEALBY                       -                   6 Bells

CLAXBY                      -                   5 Bells

WALESBY OLD CHURCH    -      8 Bells

There has been a particular upsurge in interest in Claxby where there are now 7 ringers living within the parish boundary - a very high number for such a small village!

At a recent meeting of ringers at which The Reverend John Carr presided, it was agreed that there should be regular practice nights and service ringing at Tealby and Claxby and that the ringers from the two towers should work closely together in a kind of 'twinning' arrangement.

Practice nights were agreed as follows:

CLAXBY  -  First Thursday in every month 7.30 until 9.00 p.m.

TEALBY  -  Third Thursday in every month  7.30 until 9.00 p.m.

Service Ringing as follows:

TEALBY (Evensong)  -  First Sunday in every month  5.30 until 6.00 p.m.

CLAXBY (Evensong)  -  Third Sunday in every month  2.20 until 3.00p.m.

Both service and practice ringing would be on a 'default' arrangement (i.e. no prior phoning round by tower captains) and details clearly displayed on church notice boards. Visiting ringers and 'new recruits' are very welcome at both Tealby and Claxby.

There is also an active handbell team in the group which meets at Claxby approximately once per month and the team would be very pleased to welcome new members. The next handbell rehearsal is on September 30th at Claxby beginning at 7.30 p.m. and anyone interested would be most welcome to come to that to see what happens, without any obligation.

For more information on tower bell ringing please contact one of the two tower captains:

TEALBY             Colin Disney       01673  838709

CLAXBY            John Goodchild   01673  828073

Please contact John Goodchild for more details about handbell ringing.

Bell ringing is a unique pastime and team work is an important element. Contrary to popular belief it is not hard work and the gentle exercise is very beneficial. Ringers with dodgy backs invariably report improvement in their condition!

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