Dear Friends

We are now in what I have come to think of as the time for remembering.  The beginning of November includes All Saints, All Souls and Remembrance Sunday.  On the first we celebrate all those who have been such an example of living the Christian life, that the Church has given them the honourable title of Saint.  Of course, the world is full of saints both now and down the sweep of history, who have never been recognised by name in the calendar of the Church.  I expect that we all have our own choice of unknown saints who have influenced the way that we live our lives.

 At All Souls we remember all those who have died, and gone ahead of us into the presence of God.  On 5th November we will, once again, be having our All Souls Memorial Service, with the opportunity to name our departed loved ones.  More information about this service can be found in this magazine.

 On Remembrance Sunday we give special thanks for all those from the Great War onwards who have died in armed combat.  As well as remembering brave and dedicated men and women, we pledge to work for peace and an end to conflict.  On the day that I am writing this (12th October) the Church remembers Edith Cavell, who not only gave her life, after great acts of courage, in war, but also said, I realise that patriotism is not enough.  I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.

 Whoever you remember and however you remember them in your time for remembering, may you feel the love of God close to you; and be assured of many prayers being said for all who have died, and all who remember them, at these important services.

 With my prayers,