The Gilbertine Benefice

  1. Why not take some time to review the events of the day. Simply let the events unfold in your mind, asking where you were aware of God and where you thought you turned away from God.


    ·       How was I drawn to God today – in a friend, an event, a book, in nature?

    ·       Have I learnt anything about God and God’s ways today?

    ·       Did I meet God in fears; or weariness; or suffering; or joys; or misunderstandings?

    ·       Did I bring Christ to my community?

    ·       Did they bring Christ to me?

    ·       Have I been a sign of God’s love and presence to the people I met today?

    ·       Is there a part of my life still untouched by Jesus Christ, where he is calling me to a change of heart?