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Hello dear beloved ones peace be with you. I am Fr. Carlos Aparecido Marchesani a Roman Catholic priest from Diocese of Jundia Brazil. I have a love and admiration to Saint Gilbert of Sempringham and in 2003 I founded a religious community called Fraternity Saint Gilbert. I founded very interesting the propose of The Gilbertine Benefice especially those meetings. Is it possible to get how those meetings happens? Especially the Iona Worship. I beg your prayers for us and be sure of my prayers for you. May God bless you always. In Christ Fr. Carlos.
Fr Carlos Aparecido Marchesani (Jundia, Brazil) 27th September 2010 @ 10:22pm

As a member of the congregation of St Marys Priory Old Malton I have read the information on your website with great interest as you know we too were a Gilbertine Priory. We should be interested to visit the area some time to what remains of Gilbertine provenance
Robert Coursey (Old Malton) 14th July 2011 @ 8:55pm

I have been adoing a little research into the Gilbertines in Norfolk.
I have a aerial picture of a Gilbutine Priory and know of a building that contains the remnants of the Norfolk Priory. The priory will feature in my next book. Would it be possible to have my thories confirmed?
William Smith.
William Smith (UK Norfolk ) 5th January 2012 @ 2:56pm

I have been copied in to an email from Denise Gudgen to Andrew Jackson at B.G.University.
I am leading a project to systematically record medieval graffiti in Lincolnshire churches and the email sounded very exciting - a place with lots of early graffiti!
I would love to talk to you about this as we have expertise in systematically recording graffiti by non-invasive technique. Please reply via email or tel 01522685724. Thank you.
Brian Porter (Lincoln) 13th April 2013 @ 5:00pm

Kaffe Fassett glorious quilts. I have heard that there is an exhibition at the church of K F quilts.
Please can you tell me the full details if there is a poster please send a copy.
Freda (Spalding) 31st July 2014 @ 8:35am

Hi I am from the US traveling in UK for work and was wondering if it is possible to see inside the church of St Andrew in Dowsby. Sharing the same last name Rigdon of the effigy Etheldrea Rigdon I would like to learn more and view the location.
Ken Rigdon (USA) 14th April 2015 @ 4:03pm

Hello really enjoyed the vicar's letter. Inspiring words pun intended. As you see I'm a Gilbert from Oxon. And will be making my own small pilgrimage to St. Andrews and the Gilbertines great name for a band in my view on Saturday morning en route to my brother-in-law in Boothby Graffoe. Might see you if you're around. If not God bless you and keep on with the words.
Andrew Gilbert (Thame, oxon) 23rd July 2015 @ 6:59pm

I will be traveling to the UK in a few weeks as part of a sabbatical. According to the records I have been able to locate my 8th Great-Grandfather Nathaniel Dickinson was born on 3 May 1601 in Billingborough. As the family was Anglican it is most likely that he was baptized in St. Andrew's Church. I plan to visit the church while I am in the UK. Can you tell me if the baptismal records from 1601 are still in existence? And if so who do I need to contact to examine them looking for my 8th great-grandfather and more importantly his parents.
The Very Rev Ward Simpson (Calvary Episcopal Cathedral, Sioux Falls, South Dakota) 11th May 2016 @ 2:34pm

I am researching my Allitt Family connection who apparently have a family plot on the grounds of the Sempringham Abby near Pointon Lincolnshire England. Can you provide any information regarding the Allitt family or where to direct any followup requests? Thank you.
John Tuck (Burlington Canada) 19th December 2016 @ 4:46pm

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