June 2019

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 Responding to climate change together


The Diocese of Lincoln and the University of Lincoln are seeking to be leaders in Lincolnshire in responding to climate change through the staging of a conference focused on science and theology. The international conference, which is to be held on the 30th and 31st of August and 1st of September 2019 at the University of Lincoln and Lincoln Cathedral, will offer lectures, discussions and workshops with the aim of identifying responses to reduce human-induced climate change.


The conference will feature speakers from Lincoln, Polynesia, New Zealand and the United States, and will see dialogue between the disciplines of theology and science in seeking to reduce the size of the carbon footprint inherited by future generations. A further intended outcome of the conference will be the launch of an updated environmental policy for the diocese and details of processes designed to measure the effectiveness of actions taken.


Bishop Christopher has invited participants from Polynesia to tell their story of rising tides and severe storms. In looking ahead to the conference, the bishop has said: “Water can take life and give life. It is easy for us to lose touch with nature but the reality is that rising tides and tropical storms combined with drought and falling reservoirs leaves us with too much water and not enough water. In the UK we are somewhat shielded from the impact of such threats but places like Fiji and Tonga, which have endured immense changes in weather patterns, are a wake-up call for us all.”


Bishop Christopher is hoping that as many people as possible will be able to attend the conference, and as well as the lectures there will be art displays, a market place showcasing the work of groups and businesses seeking to lower their carbon footprint, a dinner and a service in Lincoln Cathedral.


Speaking with regard to the new diocesan environmental policy, the Revd Richard Steel (diocesan Mission Team Leader) has said: “Our environmental policy will include commitments about how we run the diocesan offices and the use of glebe land, and it will encourage churches to take their own actions, as part of our commitment to the national ‘Ecochurch’ scheme. We will also be including a section detailing possible personal actions, with many practical suggestions.


“We believe that taking practical action in our care for creation is no longer a fringe interest for activities but rather a vital contribution that Christians can make to the future of this planet that God has given us, and a ‘core concern of the Church’s evangelising work’.”


For more details, including ticketing information and speaker biographies, please see www.wateroflife2019.eventbrite.co.uk


Enquiries may also be made by calling 01522 50 40 50 or by emailing wateroflife.conference@lincoln.anglican.org


The carbon footprint of the conference will be calculated and offset with a tree planting project in Lincoln.