June 2018


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Thought for June, 2018.   


The Party's Over!

Well the Big Wedding is over and Harry and Meghan are safely launched on their married life together.  The honeymoon period now begins as they not only forge their life together but also their role within the wider Royal duties of the Monarchy.  The media have had a field day 'literally' with all the coverage both of the run up to the day but also with camera crews from around the world fawning over it all in Windsor.  
Sadly the down side of the media is all the negative muck-raking that was produced about Meghan, her family and background and this no doubt will continue.  All I can say is that most people would find it impossible to cope with that amount of media interest and scrutiny.  But we should wish them well as we should for all those who are getting married and forming important relationships.  
The Royal Wedding was a National event and all sorts of elements are arranged to mark this that go into the day and we are no different in wanting to mark our weddings but it is all too easy to get carried away these days and lose sight of the most important thing.  Sadly we hear too often of eye watering amounts of money spent on a wedding for it all to fall apart soon after.  As Bishop Curry enthusiastically pointed out, it is love that is the most important thing and love holds it all together.  I seem to remember Jesus told us to build our houses and lives on firm foundations!
 With blessings,
Revd. Chris Woadden.