December 2018


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Thought for December, 2018.    


I Believe in Father Christmas!


I remember with fondness the Christmas when my daughter aged 5 saw for the first time Santa on his sledge going round where we lived. “It’s really him!” with excitement and wonder she exclaimed. Of course a realization of the fantasy comes to us all. It contains though a truth about the possibility of a world of peace, love and harmony in one that doesn’t naturally have those things and often has the opposite.

The cosy illusion of Christmas adverts and music are what big business thinks will keep the tills ringing, and it does, we are taken in and join in with the frenzied madness. I do appreciate that Christmas keeps many businesses afloat in these difficult times but there is a certain irony, that in a world where 2/3rds live in poverty, we are encouraged to all kinds of excess, that many of us can ill afford under the illusion “it’s for the children!” when patently it’s not.

One of my happiest and memorable Christmas’s was when I was unemployed and we were desperately poor. I made my daughter a rocking horse out of scraps of wood and only had £2 for a present for my wife. There were some tears at our predicament but looking back we learned a valuable lesson, we were together and it wasn’t money that brought us happiness but something it couldn’t buy.

 I do believe in the Israelite and the message of the Angels, anything less doesn’t do it, as it seems to bring greed and dissatisfaction and doesn’t bring us hope.

So all I want for Christmas is a happy one for everyone.

      With Christmas blessings, Revd Chris Woadden.