January 2018


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Thought for January, 2018.  

A prosperous New Year!  

Each New Year brings a sort of wistfulness that somehow this year will be better than the past one.  
Often of course it's much the same as the last one.  Sometimes the year is worse - maybe illness or redundancy or other things that come to test us.  A report recently said 'We are no better off than we were ten years ago' when the financial meltdown took place.  It is no surprise really - I said at the time that it would take at least ten years to recover.
The world has changed much since then.  Financial pressures have sharpened up many issues for Councils, the NHS, our Armed Forces to name but a few.   The future is unknown to us but there is always something to test us, whether it be Brexit, Terrorism, Refuges, Pollution or Global Warning etc.  
The New Year often used to be about resolutions that so often got broken, leaving us discouraged.  Perhaps we should take the half full approach, to count our blessings not our difficulties, to try to live positively with hope, to change the bit of hte world that we can influence for the better, to live more considerately and simply.   This is the question really - what sort of world do we want to pass on to the generations to come?  
To be prosperous is to live well and generously, not just to have more and more.  Jesus told a parable about building bigger barns, which we might do well to think on.  Luke 21 vs 18.  
With New Year blessings, Rev'd Chris Woadden