March 2019


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Thought for March, 2019.    


Food for Thought!    

 Recently we have had work done on the trees in the churchyard at Holton. It is expensive but is necessary for safety, as well as for the wellbeing of the trees themselves. Unfortunately, the mature Ash tree on the corner was infected with a fungus that had been hidden by the Ivy. It also had a hole at the base, which was undermining it and is why with sadness it was felled. Others show signs of Ash dieback and are being monitored.

Churchyard rules mean that we have to replace trees, as they are important because they do help to reduce carbon in our atmosphere as well as enhancing our lives. We decided to plant fruit trees and start a community orchard in the village. They are smaller and are more manageable than larger trees and that we can enjoy the benefit of the fruit. Seeing the blossom and the fruit grow and ripen and enjoying it at its best. It will take some years for them to produce a good harvest but it will be well worth the wait.

Having grown up next to an orchard seeing the many varieties of apples that are now unobtainable, I know how important it is we all start to plant trees and value them but also not to eat the fruit before it is ready.

St Paul said ‘I desire that your fruit may abound’ Phil 4vs17

With Blessings, Revd Chris Woadden