September 2019


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Thought for September, 2019.


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September is often regarded as the month when events and activities resume after the summer break.   Perhaps children and young people notice this change more than most of us as they move into new classes at school or begin a college or university course which involves moving away from home for the first time.

I wonder how we approach changes in life and moving on to something new.  Perhaps our summertime thoughts have involved some reflection on past weeks, months or even the past year as well as planning for the future.  No doubt the holiday for those who have had a break has been a rest and a renewing of energy for the coming winter months.

With life so demanding and busy, how can we remain with a refreshed mind, open to take up the challenges of life?  Many people seek meditation as a way of freeing their mind of clutter and focussing for a while on peace and contentment.  Many of the popular religions promote this way of being.  What about Christianity?  Do we take time out to meditate and reflect on our lives, perhaps sharing a little time for thinking about other people who suffer in one way or another?

Jesus offers a good example because he sometimes took time away from the demands of the crowds who were persistent in seeking his teaching and healing services.  He went out into the country, to the quietness of the hillsides so that he could be quiet and pray to God.

John’s gospel tells us that Jesus prayed for himself, his disciples and for all believers and that means us.  It is a pattern of thinking that helps us care for others, ourselves and our world.


Rev’d Jenny West (Associate Minister)