Services for November


26th                9:30a.m    HOLY COMMUNION.   Christ the King     

                                        followed by light refreshments.          

29th (Wed)     9:30a.m    HOLY COMMUNION. 

Social Events for November


 25th   (Sat)  Village Christmas lights switched on and Fair.


Services for December


3rd                  9:30a.m   SERVICE OF THE WORD.  Advent 1 
                                        followed by light refreshments.     
3rd                  9:30a.m   CHRISTINGLE


6th (Wed)       9:30a.m    HOLY COMMUNION. 

10th                9:30a.m    HOLY COMMUNION.   Advent 2.
                                        followed by light refreshments.     

13th (Wed)     9:30a.m    HOLY COMMUNION.

17th                4:00p.m   9 Lessons and Carols1 

                                        followed by mince pies and mulled wine

                                        NOTE: No morning service on 17th

19th (Tues)    1:00p.m   Tetney School attend for End of Term        

                                         Christmas Service

 20th (Wed)   9:30a.m    HOLY COMMUNION. 

24th                6:00p.m    CRIB SERVICE.  Christmas Eve. 

                                         NOTE: No morning service on 24th       

24th               11:30p.m    HOLY COMMUNION.   Advent 4.

25th   No service at Tetney.    Services at Humberston and
           Holton-le-Clay, both at 10a.m. 

27th (Wed)             No Service.

31st               10:00a.m    HOLY COMMUNION.   Christmas 1.  

                                         Joint Service


Social Events for December


3rd   (Sun)        5:30pm  ADVENT SUPPER

                          at Holton-le-Clay 

13th   (Wed)      2pm-4pm   TEA & CHATTER,

                         Tea / Coffee 50p, and homemade cake 50p

                         all welcome, whether or not you normally attend Church

 16th   (Sat)      2pm-4pm    AJAY THE MAGIC MEDIC