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God of love, turn our hearts to Your ways and give us peace. Amen


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Spilsby Cluster

St James Spilsby, St Mary Hundleby, Holy Trinity Raithby,All Saints Great Steeping, and the three St Andrew's:Halton Holegate, Little Steeping & Firsby

Marden Hill Cluster

Asgarby, East Keal, East Kirkby, Hagnaby, Hagworthingham, Hareby, Mavis Enderby, Miningsby, Lusby, Old Bolingbroke,Toynton All Saints,Toynton St. Peter, West Keal

Partney Cluster

Ashby by Partney, Aswardby, Candlesby, Dalby, Langton w Sutterby, Partney, Sausthorpe, Scremby, Skendleby

Stickney Cluster

Eastville, Midville, New Leake, Stickford, Stickney



Bolingbroke Deanery Team Parishes

PENTECOST 2020 News Sheet 31st May

31st May 2020


(Gold or White)  



This week: Weekday Prayer: Daily





9.00am Sunday Service at Home - Join our national Pentecost Sunday service with the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, UK Church leaders and a message from His Holiness Pope Francis.

Celebrate with us on the day we remember the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church. (...)

 10.00am Prayer in our own homes

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WK looking South

 South side of West Keal

 Why look into the sky?

He will return as you have seen him go

Old and New

They returned home

I will be with you always

Wait for the Holy Spirit










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