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Spilsby Cluster

St James Spilsby, St Mary Hundleby, Holy Trinity Raithby,All Saints Great Steeping, and the three St Andrew's:Halton Holegate, Little Steeping & Firsby

Marden Hill Cluster

Asgarby, East Keal, East Kirkby, Hagnaby, Hagworthingham, Hareby, Mavis Enderby, Miningsby, Lusby, Old Bolingbroke,Toynton All Saints,Toynton St. Peter, West Keal

Partney Cluster

Ashby by Partney, Aswardby, Candlesby, Dalby, Langton w Sutterby, Partney, Sausthorpe, Scremby, Skendleby

Stickney Cluster

Eastville, Midville, New Leake, Stickford, Stickney



Bolingbroke Deanery Team Parishes

Notice Sheet Trinity 9 9th August 2020


Bolingbroke Deanery Team Parishes

Faithful, Confident, Joyful

9th August 2020


Ninth Sunday After Trinity


9.00am Sunday Service at Home Watch the service

God's kindness and mercy

This week's online service is led by Rev Dr Lee Gatiss, the Director of Church Society. In his sermon, Lee reflects on God's kindness and mercy. The prayers are led by Ros Clarke, with readings from Gideon Emmanuel and Niv Lobo. https://www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre (...)


2nd Sunday in the month


Services in the Spilsby Cluster      

  9.30am   Spilsby Eucharist (PC)

  4.00pm   Spilsby Evensong (PC)

Services in the Marden Hill Cluster

  9.30am   East Keal Holy Communion (+DR)

Services in the Stickney Cluster

11.15am   Stickford SofW (FJ)

Services in the Partney Cluster

11.15am    Partney Morning Prayer (PMcL)

Services in the South Ormsby Cluster

  9.30am   Tetford Holy Communion (TMcL)


10.00am Prayer in our own homes

See below


Bolingbroke Churches on line:

We will continue to publish a short video on YouTube and linked it to our website.

Our Web Site http://lincoln.ourchurchweb.org.uk/spilsby/index.php

I have created a YouTube Account Bolingbroke Team Churches

https://www.youtube.com/channel (...)


Trinity 9 Morning Prayer





Trinity 8 Night Prayer






Trinity 7 - St James 





Trinity 6




 Trinity 5










Private Prayer in the Following Churches:

St James Spilsby            Daily                           08.00 to 12.00

St Helen East Keal        Daily                           10.00 to 16.00

St Nicholas Partney      Thursdays                    11.30 to 12.30

St Mary Tetford          Thursdays                   14.00 to 15.00

St Luke Stickney          Thursdays                  09.45 to 11.00

St Helen Stickford        Thursdays                   10.00 to 11.30

St Mary Hundleby        Daily                           10.00 to 14.00

Can people think about when they would like to open

their Church and when is the next service then have

a word with the clergy.

Our Father

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