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The Preparation of the Sempringham Churchyard Wildlife Area


After many months of planning, August 2012 was the month to create our new wildlife area within the existing "old" Sempringham Graveyard. 

Earlier in the Spring we marked out the area (the 0.2 acre North East corner of the site) with treated wooden stakes. This month we have completed the job by:

cutting the grass very short before raking and scarifying the ground:

eco churchyard wildgrass 

next we seeded the area with a mixture of wild grasses and wild flowers typical to a traditional English meadow:

eco churchyard wildgrass

the last job was to roll the seed in - ready for the rains forecast to help establish the area:

eco churchyard wildgrass

Why not come and have a look - the view over the fields towards the Boston fenland is worth the visit.