Building the Loo - Wet Week (Days 18-21)


Work restarted on Tuesday after the bank holiday - but the rain caused a few delays.

Tuesday night was memorable - as Chris & Keith were helped by Dave & Janet to shift 2.5Tonne of assorted soil/ballast from the piles at Christchurch to the "dip" against the Sempringham path. We didn't finish until nearly dark and, when levelled on Saturday, it didn't look nearly as much as it weighed...!

Christchurch Loo


By the the Thursday (30th August) the roof boards were up and temporarily covered in plastic.

Christchurch Loo 

The structure was now secure and the piles of aggregates had been moved/tidied, so we took down the mesh fencing ready for collection.

Christchurch Loo

Build Day 21 (Friday 31st August) was a good day - with timber sheet, windows and membranes all being fitted to the walls.

Christchurch LooChristchurch LooChristchurch Loo