Most of the historic material relating to St Gilbert on this site has been taken from a book researched and published by a local historian.

Eric Iredale lived much of his life in Pointon until he died in February 2007. He had a long association with, and love of, the Sempringham site. He served for many years as the Treasurer of the PCC that takes responsibility for St Andrews Church (known locally as Sempringham Abbey).

Eric's book "Sempringham and Saint Gilbert and the Gilbertines" was first published in 1992 and was reprinted in 1996, 2000 & 2004. It is available from the church and from Jews Court (Steep Hill Lincoln) quoting ISBN 0 9519662 0 0.

Additional material has been taken from leaflets produced by Heritage Lincolnshire. They have on ongoing interest in investigating the site of the Priory which they describe as " of the most important sites in England from an ecclesiastical, archaeological and historic point of view"

North St Andrews