The View from the Rectory - April 2021

Dear friends,

Happy Easter!

Easter is a great celebration of Jesus' risen life (do read John's Gospel chapter 20). At this time we move on from Lent and Good Friday, from waiting and death, to resurrection, to life, to living, and to celebrating Jesus' wonderful new life. In April we also move on from winter, from the cold and the dark, to spring time and it's light, warmth, and life in our gardens and beyond. All this reminds us how endings do turn into new beginnings. It prompts us too, to think of the fresh life we will have following the current restrictions we are living under being lifted, as they, are over time.

All of this, winter and spring, the lockdown and easing of restrictions, and of course Lent and Easter, marks the closing of one chapter and the start of another. The closing of a chapter and opening of a new one in our lives, can bring feelings of uncertainty, doubt and fear, perhaps alongside relief, excitement and hope. This is all understandable. However, as with anything in life, if we do not venture to the new chapter, if we do not open the door, we will never know what wonderful things lie beyond. At times we must walk though uncertainty, to move towards the new life on offer.

Easter brings a message of new life, and a message of hope and joy; a message that the unexpected does happen, and that God turns up even in the most unexpected of situations. All this comes from the darkness, confusion and emptiness of Good Friday. So, from darkness, came light. From emptiness, came resurrection. From nothing, came everything. From death, came life, not just Christ's glorious new life, but our new life too. A life where we are brought closer to God, relationships healed and forgiveness given. A life where we are offered God's amazing, unconditional love.

During Easter time we thank God for all this, and for the hope he gives us, carrying us through our Good Friday moments of sadness and death, to the Easter mornings of faith, hope, joy, life and love. I pray that all may know this joy and love in some way this Easter time and beyond.

God Bless, and stay safe everyone,

Rev'd George